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  1. 🛠 10/25/21 Build Week Group

    What’s the AEM links?
  2. AirTag put on my Bronco to track me

    I do the same thing. Have one tucked away in a very discrete place in my tractor in case it gets stolen. Also have it in my Audi R8, F-150, and some other things like laptop bag.
  3. 🛠 10/25/21 Build Week Group

    I wonder what would happen if I take my drone over there and zoom in on the VIN to confirm if it’s my vehicle. That might be frowned on.
  4. 🛠 10/25/21 Build Week Group

    It’s at a KC Southern company depot that is a holding lot after it comes off rail and then awaiting truck transport. It’s the old Richards-Gebaur airport that has been repurposed for several other items. Hope this answers your questions. Keep the faith...
  5. 🛠 10/25/21 Build Week Group

    I think I found my Bronco at the holding depot. It’s 10 miles away from my house; off the rail; and just awaiting transport.
  6. 🛠 10/25/21 Build Week Group

    Yes, I received a 'Your Vehicle is on its way' email from Ford on 11/13. I also received my baby picture on 11/16. My blend date was 10/29. Hopefully I can take possession of it today (doubtful) or tomorrow. At this point, I'm in the hands of the semi truck end of the shipping process. I...
  7. 🛠 10/25/21 Build Week Group

    That's interesting. I'm well past my delivery date (was sitting in rail yard like you), but my have not moved my estimated date at all. Really mind boggling how random their updates are. There doesn't seem to be a pattern at all.
  8. 🛠 10/25/21 Build Week Group

    Thanks. Much appreciated. This too shall end.
  9. 🛠 10/25/21 Build Week Group

    Not if they escalate to a specialist and give you a toll-free number to call. </end sarcasm*> *extra bonus points apply if the specialist acts like they invented fire while giving you the magical phone number that we all know
  10. 🛠 10/25/21 Build Week Group

    The end of my delivery window was a full week ago and nothing. My wife was able to track down some various rail car movements, but literally zero updates and/or movement since Monday. It’s in KC somewhere, but not at my dealership.
  11. 🛠 10/25/21 Build Week Group

    No kidding. - talk about a runaround with a capital R. They point fingers at each other. As much as I don't want to defend the dealer, Ford is not equipping them with giving reliable and consistent answers. Like many on the board have said, it's pretty sad when we (forum members) have more...
  12. 🛠 10/25/21 Build Week Group

    Wow - was I completely wrong. I was having breakfast with my family yesterday and my wife said that she was going to "start calling around" and try to figure out where our Bronco is. (it had been stuck in Gibson Indiana for ~ 10 days). I told her it would be a waste of time, but knock...
  13. 🛠 10/25/21 Build Week Group

    I had a break in the case, so to speak. My 10+ day of rail yard logjam moved. My Bronco now moved from Gibson Indiana to the KC rail yard. No idea how long it will sit there before getting on a truck. Could be today; could be a week.
  14. 🛠 10/25/21 Build Week Group

    Well - kind of an update. My wife called the CSX line and came to find out that our Bronco switched rail lines from CSX to Canadian Pacific. We had been stuck in Gibson Indiana since the 16th. We now found out that our Bronco left Gibson on the 26th and is now in Ottumwa, IA. Getting...
  15. 🛠 10/25/21 Build Week Group

    Thank you. You described the process very well and pretty much nails my situation to a ’T’.
  16. 🛠 10/25/21 Build Week Group

    Looking for input based on other people’s experience. My Bronco has supposedly been sitting in the Gibson Indiana trail yard since the 16th. (12 days now). Is it possible that it moved to a different train and that my rail number is obsolete and I’m looking up with the wrong information? My...
  17. 🛠 10/25/21 Build Week Group

    Day 9 of it just sitting in an Indiana rail yard with zero updates. Love this process.
  18. 🛠 10/25/21 Build Week Group

    So close, but yet so far. I’m now in day 10 of it sitting in a rail yard in Indiana. Zero updates; almost zero chance that it comes in my delivery window. If Ford is getting more and more into the order taking business, then they have to get better at communicating steps and expectations to...
  19. 🛠 10/25/21 Build Week Group

    I just ended day 8 of it sitting in a rail yard in Indiana (I’m in KC). Literally zero shipping progress in 8 days. Back on the 16th, I thought I’d easily have it by Thanksgiving. Now it’s looking like next week is all but a certainty. So bummed.