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  1. Build and price not allowing 4 door Sasquatch

    B&P just being buggy. Yesterday it wouldn't let me add the auto to a 4cyl Big Bend, that is until it decided that I actually could have it and it added it fine. B&P always has issues for a while after MY rollover.
  2. 2 7L twisted intake tube

    I know that it looks twisted up, but if you look closely it appears to molded that way. Likely to control the turbulence of the air going in.
  3. Sales Tax/Registration

    I’m in Louisiana and we’ve always bought our vehicles out of state. Most commonly Texas. We always pay sales tax at the dealer, but we’re paying Louisiana sales tax not Texas. We never even go the DMV. Paying taxes and registration at the dealer is normal. Just make sure your paying Arkansas...
  4. Condensation in headlights

    The headlights are vented? I've never heard of vented headlights, they're always sealed.
  5. Tire and wheel offset help please

    The positive offset will give you best chance of clearing. Although, I don't know that it matters either way; I've seen several people in various wheel/tire threads with 33s and aftermarket wheels having no problems with regards to rubbing.
  6. 5500 Km update and impressions!

    Man both of those vehicles look great. Can you drop the wheel and tire specs for the Bronco? I'm trying to decide what wheel/tire combo I'm gonna run on mine.
  7. Strange feeling transition to stop

    It’s the trans downshifting. Every 10 speed I’ve ever driven does it.
  8. Customer Pics of our Retro Side Stripes installed!!

    Love the look! What are the wheels?
  9. Received this from The Bronco Team -- Bronco concept art poster and a sticker

    Just got one as well. Never expected to get one of these. Edit: Also, the QR code links to this: but it doesn't work for me. YouTube says it's private.
  10. Communication for Unscheduled Orders Coming Today @ 4PM Eastern

    Doubt it, nobody ever remembers to write it as EDT instead of EST. Just assume they meant 4pm Eastern.
  11. Warranty - Buy at Dealer A, Service at Dealer B?

    Shouldn't be a problem at all. We always buy vehicles in our neighbor Texas because they're always cheaper. Never even had a dealer mention that the car wasn't purchased there. We even have our Lincoln serviced by a Ford only dealer. A warranty is a warranty they really don't care.
  12. Jeep vs Ford - Thoughts, Opinions, Experiences on longevity and durability sought.

    I daily drive an 18 year old F150, my dad drives a 21 year old F250. I have no worries about longevity. How often do you see 20+ year old FCA product rolling around?
  13. Does the roof have an inherent design/structural issue?

    No. It is just a materials problem. Ford doesn't build the tops, they get them from a supplier. I'm sure they weren't planning to get as many orders with painted tops as they received (it was already late availability). So they decided to just push it back to 22. Don't get yourself worked up...
  14. Spotted: 2-Door Cactus Gray Badlands Sasquatch With Fastback Soft Top

    I'm gonna be honest, the fastback top doesn't look right. It's too fastback if you get my drift. I understand beggars can't be choosers, that's just my opinion.
  15. Video: Bronco with RTR Wheels on the move at KOH

    Do you guys think that's the 0mm or 30mm offset version of those wheels?