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  1. New 32 spline Dana 44 Front Drive Unit and axle upgrade will be available from Dana Spicer for bigger tires

    Offered in ratios that do not match the factory diffs. 4.56 v 4.46. Who’s idea was that? I would love to upgrade the front with an e-locker to match the rear ratio on my base without having to doing the rear.
  2. Adding a tachometer

    Uses less “chips” too.
  3. Adding a tachometer

    Way back when I was driving say a SBC, BBC, or just about any other car I have, I could hear what the engine was doing. My GTI would tell me as well. This 2.3 is mostly quiet through the rpm range. I’d like to glance down (at a legible tach not this 2.5-2.8 graph BS) to see where I’m at when...
  4. Adding a tachometer

    I’m thinking of just doing this. I agree that this is one of the few things that really bother me about the new ride. Who designed this stupid thing?
  5. Adding a tachometer

    Because the tach sucks…. I hate the tach. How about an optional tach screen that actually is readable, with a needle like a standard tachometer we have seen since the 1950s. They have it for mpg, and boost. The engineering team responsible for that dash debacle should be fired. The “tach” is...
  6. Built a rear platform for cargo, dog and sleeping

    Here is another angle showing the platform. It just drops in place. Works with the seats up or stowed.
  7. Built a rear platform for cargo, dog and sleeping

    Just kinda whipped it up. i needed a flat platform for my kennel and wanted to keep the back seats. Built it out of birch plywood. Covered it with cheap marine carpeting. Drawers are shallow but hold the top bags, hitch drawbar, jumper cables, tow strap.
  8. Built a rear platform for cargo, dog and sleeping

    You could cheat it to about 67-68” by removing the seat bottom on the passenger side and flipping the headrest to the down position Rather than up. Pull the pass. seat forward all the way and fill the void with a panel. Get creative with a pillow and sleeping position and it might work in a pinch.
  9. Built a rear platform for cargo, dog and sleeping

    This is the minimum to make it flat in a 2dr. About 5” total.
  10. Questions On Upgrading Tires

    Here you go.
  11. Questions On Upgrading Tires

    The Kenda AT2s in 285/70-17 are rated for 7.5-9.5” rim width. Your fine.….
  12. Questions On Upgrading Tires

    My buddy is the Natl sales mgr for Kenda LT tires. He is a die hard off road guy. He has worked tirelessly to introduce new designs to the off road /LT market. Their new MT is crazy good and going to be available in 35x10.50-17. The biggest problem they are having is supply issues and container...
  13. Base Bronco Build Question

    I might put the large connector on the bumper when I get a steel one just to clean up that hanging 4 pin and use the 7-4 adapter. The kit includes only a flat 4 connector.
  14. Base Bronco Build Question

    Just did the Curt plug n play. Easy, the only “hard“ part is running a wire from the back to the engine compartment and hooking up to the a ready there terminal on the battery. Easy. About a 2 on a 10 scale. Took some time to tuck wires. I removed the rear bumper ( 8 bolts) to make it easier to...
  15. No Roadster Door Inserts or Doughnut Doors at SEMA 2021 ?

    i think there wasn’t enough time to prototype a lot of these accessories. I talked with a few that didn’t get a bronco to build in time, myself included.
  16. Bronco6G Exclusive First Look: Whipple Superchargers Tomahawk Flash Device and High Flow Air Filter

    Just moving the torque down the curve and sharpening the throttle would make a big difference. We didn’t talk about the 2.7.
  17. The First 10,000 miles in a ‘21 Bronco

    How did you like the new Kenda R/T? My friend is the Natl sales mgr for their light truck tires and these have been a bit hit.
  18. Bronco6G Exclusive First Look: Whipple Superchargers Tomahawk Flash Device and High Flow Air Filter

    I had a great conversation with an engineer at Ford Performance in their booth at SEMA. He said a tune is expected in the 1 st qtr of 22. He also assured me that it will wake up the 2.3, adding about 25 hp move the torque lower down the rpm curve, and throttle response will sharpen. He also said...
  19. Nice weld!

    My dealer thinks so too. He contacted the zone rep and is discussing the spot. I’m just going to seam seal it and touch it up.