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  1. Camping/overlanding Trailer Potential or Avoid?

    First I'm not currently into overlanding but we do camp quite a bit. A dedicated overlanding rig is not practical with my location in NJ and time I have available. I can't afford a $4000 dedicated overlanding trailer rig setup. My plan is to build a camping trailer that can carry my gear and...
  2. Sync 4 issues?

    No I just wait about 20 seconds and the Android Auto icon shows up across the bottom and it connects. I think there is an option to Auto connect or resume in settings.
  3. Sync 4 issues?

    I've found a possible fix that seems to be working for me. When I get in the truck, I make sure I let it wirelessly connect to Android auto and then hit the icon on the screen. Then, if I need to plug it in I plug it in. It seems to be working if I let it connect wirelessly first. Jim
  4. Pre-Delivery Self-QC Checklist

    My dealer only knows about the 42K and 20K points. Is there any documentation about the 11K points?
  5. Pre-Delivery Self-QC Checklist

    What is the 11,000 user appreciation points? I haven't heard of that one. How do we get it? I only got the 20,000 and 42,000 points.
  6. Dirty Jerzy roll call

    Paramus has a lightning blue first Edition right now with a $40K ADM!?!
  7. Dirty Jerzy roll call

    Lol sure anytime
  8. Roof Rack for Soft Top??

    It might but what would you do if it rains? Your soft top needs to be open to use the exposed racks. That's my biggest concern with those racks.
  9. In vehicle door storage bags 🙄

    At this point, I think I might be better off with the garage bags. They are thicker and there's no way I'm paying $600 for a strap. As long as they have handles, I think they might be the better option. Are the garage bags available through your site? How do we use our Ford Pass points and get...
  10. Bronco Holiday Pillow at Home Depot

    In case anyone is interested, picked this up at Home Depot yesterday. Pretty cool.
  11. In vehicle door storage bags 🙄

    $600?!?! This is ridiculous. Ford screws up my order.... I can get all 4 bags AND the harness for $350 if ordered with the truck but in order to get it after the fact I need to pay $192 per bag and $600 for the harness?!? @Ford Motor Company needs to make this right and get us these for the...
  12. In vehicle door storage bags 🙄

    These are the ON BOARD storage bags WITH the harness? Price?
  13. Roof Rack for Soft Top??

    I have an idea to fabricate something but I need a friend to help me. I'm also unsure of the weight capacity of just using the top of the windshield attachment points by themselves. The Ford roof rack isn't super strong and that's with front and rear points. My idea is to fabricate a cross bar...
  14. 3,600 miles - Should the front axles have this kind of rust already?

    I get it that is just surface rust and it happens. It's just a bit jarring to look underneath and see everything still looking brand new except for one part. You would think it wouldn't take that much extra effort to paint it. I just wanted to make sure this wasn't the start of a problem.
  15. Roof Rack for Soft Top??

    That's basically what I want to do but my canoe is 16 feet long. I think it's a bit too long for just that so I'm looking for something to go in front and support it there and then use the front fender attachment points for tie downs.
  16. 3,600 miles - Should the front axles have this kind of rust already?

    Why is it uncoated when everything else is painted?
  17. 3,600 miles - Should the front axles have this kind of rust already?

    I know the undercarriage parts are going to rust eventually, however these are the only parts I see a significant amount of rust on and it's only been 3,600 miles. Is this normal? I've done some light off roading about 3 times otherwise it's all pavement. Jim
  18. Installed StickerFab door sill protectors

    I got the gloss black. I had a bunch of bubbles and they really just look like tape installed. The ones you have look much better. I found them difficult to install without bubbles. Used a pin to get most of them out. They offer no traction only serve as paint protection. I might upgrade for...