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  1. Painful (but responsible) solution to MIC issue decided. Announcement imminent.

    Ugly headlines = production stop I'm guessing (or extreme slow down)
  2. NM Dealerships

    Yeah, day 1 reservation and looks like the build week will be exactly a year since then. Damn! Will be cool to see some on the roads here in ABQ and looking forward to having the top down in the Fall. It has been interesting to see all the soft top/hard top discussion and consternation. I've...
  3. NM Dealerships

    Chalmers Ford in Rio Rancho. Badlands, Sasquatch, 4dr, 2.7L, Lux, tow, soft top, black
  4. NM Dealerships

    7/14 blend date. Anticipating mid August before it makes it to the lot here in ABQ.
  5. Week of 7-12-21 Build date. Who else?

    7/14 blend date! Badlands, Sasquatch, 4dr, 2.7L, Lux, tow, soft top, black
  6. NM Dealerships

    Adding to the NM info experience. My original reservation going back to July of last year was with Power Ford. When it came time for order placement a few months back they wanted additional $ as a deposit (non-refundable) as well as a number of non-optional dealer installed options which were...