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  1. I'm a June Build!! - UPDATE - Received my VIN # today!

    I have the exact same build in Rapid red with 7/14 early morning reservation. Hopefully i will get a call.
  2. The Veteran (and Active) Service Member thread

    USMC , 8 years 0311, 8541, 0321 Camp Pendleton Camp Lejune 6 Deployments to many locations to mention.
  3. 2-door storage area pic (seats up + tailgate closed) has me reconsidering

    I concur, I also attended the OKC auto show, I struggled to decide between the 2door and 4door, however after seeing both up close I was really glad I chose 4. Rear cargo space is minimal and is depicted accurately in this video/photos.
  4. Bushwacker Pocket Fender Flares Spotted on Preproduction 2021 Broncos

    To each their own! However, I've never been a fan and they look as bad on the Bronco as they do on all other applications.
  5. Your first Bronco, or repeat offender?

    Repeat offender, 75, sitting in my garage, also had a 79 back in the day. .
  6. Why is BL vs SQ suspension still a mystery???

    Initially i was worried Sqautch was going to have a much rougher ride on an already short wheel base off road vehicle and ride like a meat wagon. After viewing the video of ride alongs from KOH it revealed the ride to be more like the Raptor. I ended up going with Squatch when i converted my...
  7. In-Person Closeup Pics of 2-Door Bronco Wildtrak at Ricart Ford + Impressions

    I love this bronco and believe Ford has done an amazing job on 99%. However, this interior is that percent that they really missed the mark. The clash of colors portrayed in this pic, blue accented grab handles, tan and black seats/ dash console and red on interior of doors is horrible. Wow...
  8. Are you choosing Advance 4x4???

    I recent drove to Minnesota to pickup a Polaris ATV. On the way home we entered a snow ice mixture and roads got really dicey pulling the trailer in the icey roads and high winds. I drove for about an hour in 4A and it was pretty touch and go. I turned the dial to snow and it really made all the...
  9. Side-by-Side photos of 33's vs 35's tires on 2021 Bronco (with pro camera)

    You may be on to something. The handful of videos from KOH ride-along stated that a lot of the broncos were preproduction models. they could be a hodgepodge of different parts and pieces, not accurately representing production builds.
  10. Side-by-Side photos of 33's vs 35's tires on 2021 Bronco (with pro camera)

    2dr looks very good on 33’s or 35’s. But, imho, the longer 4 door does not look as good on the 33’s, like it needs something more. Because I only loose 1 cm of travel I think it was an easy decision for me to get the 35’s, I get the look I want and same capability. There’s been a lot of...
  11. 📈 Our 2021 Bronco Order Stats / Take Rates After 1K Submissions

    Converted reservation to order on 1/22/2021. Badlands 4 door 2.7/auto Velocity Blue High Package Leather Sasquatched. Tow package
  12. How many of you are going Sasquatch?

    In the end I chose to Squatch my build. As I got closer to placing my order and converting my reservation I really struggled with this decision. In the end I came to the conclusion I could really end up regretting not getting sasquatch package but would not regret getting it. I think the little...
  13. Non-Sasquatch Badlands: The case for 4.7 vs 4.46

    I believe 4.7 option in B&P for non squatch is an error. When i converted my order last Friday, the dealer said he couldn't configure. If i wanted the 2.7 / auto on BL and the 4.7 gears i had to upgrade to full sas.
  14. 2021 Bronco A/Z Plan Pricing Per Trim

    I also get Z plan. My build was a BL2.7/Squatch with high package, 333A. Total was just under $59k z plan pricing was middle $54k. Dealer said the more expensive truck you buy the larger your discount will be. Have no way of verifying that info. I seemed to know more about the Bronco than he...
  15. 2021 Bronco Dimensions (2 & 4 Door) - Length, Width, Height, Wheelbase, Track for Sasquatch and all trims

    So just to try and clarify, the listed sasquatch height includes the roof rack? But, the others do not?
  16. New 2021 Year Cut-off Date? Because of delay - Velocity Blue - Late Arrival??

    OMG, cannot wait to see this build. I know a lot of others anticipating as well. Thanks for the heads up!!!!!
  17. Cant decide between 35s and 33s on the Badlands 4 door

    I have been solidly in the BL camp with 2.7, auto since the beginning. I have had some trouble deciding on a color, I fear a lengthy delay is possible for VB, so may pick something more common. The lack of clarity regarding the BL suspension VS Squatched BL suspension is very frustrating and...
  18. Broncos in the Shipping Yard! ⛽??

    Thanks for providing these pics. Visually There is very little difference between the two Badlands, squatched and unsquatched. Really makes me reconsider the extra $$$.
  19. Top reasons jeep wrangler better than bronco

    I am going to have to respond to point #4. Totally false. Bronco was eliminated by Ford executives decisions because of the introduction of the Explorer. GM also went this route eliminating the Blazer that morphed into the Tahoe. The development and popularity of the Explorer and , later came...