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  1. Dealership selling new Bronco for $72K+ over MSRP.

    I love my new Bronco. LOVE. If somebody want to pay me 50k over what I paid though, love is patient and I’ll wait for 2 years for another one.
  2. Pickup Today….if they don’t try to ADM me

    Thanks All for everything! It’s been quite a ride and now is the time for fun!!! Good luck to all you waiting on your Bronco - it’s a sweet day when it happens. My dealership - Koons Auto absolutely sucked throughout this process but my salesperson today was great and the process was smooth...
  3. Any ideas if the bronco will have issues when they first roll out?

    Found this thread today - gave me a good chuckle and solid cry
  4. Pickup Today….if they don’t try to ADM me

    I would have done Stephens or Chapman (PA) if I’d found this board before order :) I wanted my local dealer to have the sale during COVID (we’ve all got to do something) until I started working with my local dealer 🤣
  5. Pickup Today….if they don’t try to ADM me

    First new car purchase in 20 years - any tips? My dealer wouldn’t provide or sign the sales sheet so all I got were lots of verbal and email confirmations of MSRP - not ideal… It was sitting in DM2 for soft tops for who knows why for the past 2 months. Anything else I need to be on the lookout...
  6. Bad news about MIC 2.0 quality after a few days

    My feeling is that Ford should start offering a no top or Bimini only option for their Bronco builds. They can deliver them in plastic wrap. We can get our Broncos faster, save a little bit of cash on the front end, and then splurge a little more on an aftermarket solution that meets our needs -...
  7. 🧭 Track Your Bronco Order by VIN + Order Number [& Get Your Window Sticker]

    Anyone know if the transit date (days in transit) is a calculated field (estimated arrival - todays date) or if it is an actual estimate of shipping time?
  8. Bimini Tops??? Ford Mesh vs Ford Canvas (my22) vs aftermarket

    I thought it was because nobody wants to put bikini tops on - more interest in taking them off.
  9. Bimini Tops??? Ford Mesh vs Ford Canvas (my22) vs aftermarket

    Thanks all! I think what I’ve gathered from the responses is that while some may have an aftermarket vendor of choice - the Ford products are competitive. My initial concern was getting hit with a surprise shower while out - thinking the canvas top may be a better purchase. What I think I’ve...
  10. Bronco delivery in Northern VA and Washington, D.C.

    Well crap….I’m scheduled for delivery in the next week. Build finally finished after 2 months on soft top dirt mountain. Really hopeful there isn’t an additional delay.
  11. Bimini Tops??? Ford Mesh vs Ford Canvas (my22) vs aftermarket

    Ford Mesh vs Ford Canvas (my22) vs aftermarket….what are everyone’s thoughts and opinions?
  12. Post Your Bronco Production Line Pics! (From Ford Emails Starting Today)

    Mine was ‘Built’ 8/16 but has been in production since…no pic, no news, no nothin…soft top dirt mountain 2
  13. Granger Ford -2022 Bronco Allocation - No one said it was going to be easy

    Zach - thank you so much! Just great post and information. Really rooting for someone at Ford to see the value (loyalty and trust) you are bringing the brand and reward Granger with the vehicles to fulfill more orders.
  14. Disturbing News, Dirt Mt. 2.0?

    I swapped to soft top for the quick production and I’m in the same boat as many other here ~50 days after blend. I called my dealer to ask if I could go back to dual tops because the time savings were never realized and they said ‘no dice’.
  15. 🛠 8/9 build week thread

    Please do, I’m in the same boat and it’s driving me crazy. I switched to soft to get it sooner and now it’s looking (best case) like it’ll save me 3 weeks. I’m annoyed but also incredibly excited.
  16. 🛠 8/2/21 build Week Thread

    More pics of the tint please!
  17. My Bronco finally arrived!

    What is this D plan you speak of?
  18. 🛠 8/9 build week thread

    Thanks for responding! That’s B.S. minimum Ford could do after holding it so long… I need to know how you got your hands on TD5 defenders?? You putting the TD in older frames?
  19. 🛠 8/9 build week thread

    For those who were stuck in production from early August but didn’t get ‘built’ until September, did they at least add the hard top prep kit?