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  1. OEM cargo mat scratching inside of tailgate

    Me too, I happen to have some Xpel clear left from doing my door sills and my door edges.
  2. OEM cargo mat scratching inside of tailgate

    Can I ask, as I have one on order, I am going to assume you guys are cutting around the cargo tie downs in a triangle fashion. Can a guy instead of cutting the triangle shape, how about drilling 4 holes and removing the tie downs then put the mat in then bolt the tie downs down, This would...
  3. Custom Aux Switch Labels / Stickers for 2021 Bronco

    Found some blue glow in the dark vinyl., ill try it see how it goes VViViD DECO65
  4. Ford Pass Activation Issue

    I had same problems, would not activate, then one day it just activated for about a week then it stopped responding to the vehicle. dove back into getting it to reactivate , ended up the simplest solution , disconnected the negative battery terminal for 10 minutes then it just activated again...
  5. Baja Designs A-pillar light kit for aux. switches installed! - photos of pattern and light level

    I wonder if visegrips wold work on them? , I need to lock on my rear lights and ditch lights too. Already did my license plate now need to do all lights, wish the lights would come with locks, for the price one would think they would.
  6. Baja Designs S2 Reverse Kit Installed

    for those of you installing rear lights, you can power the reverse circuit at the passenger side rear taillight , look for the green and brown wire. The yellow and white wire for connecting to the uplifter switch is under the right rear plastic quarter panel cover by the seat belt. It’s easiest...
  7. What are you going to do with your "free" $300 from FordPass?

    Those getting the slide out tailgate. In case you didn't know , you cant use the door roof storage feature with the tailgate from what I’ve read. If I’m wrong someone correct me. I also wanted the tailgate until i read you cant store your doors back there , which I might want to do if i decide...
  8. What are you going to do with your "free" $300 from FordPass?

    Mine came with both , rubber and carpet. Front and rears
  9. What are you going to do with your "free" $300 from FordPass?

    I got my rubber mats and the carpet mats were in the back still in the plastic bags
  10. 🛠 10/25/21 Build Week Group

    Thank you I toss and turn about having carpet and leather seats, but I will deal with it, got the hardtop which is what I originally ordered, so that will save me $3k down the road. I didnt like the color looking a t build and price but in RL, I love that color . Everybody that says sees it...
  11. 🛠 10/25/21 Build Week Group

    I’m out , went to dealer to pay mine off last weekend as I will be hunting when it arrives , here sits a first edition in Area 51 , the guy that ordered it said he thought it was a luxury vehicle, test drove it didn’t like it , walked away from it , I drove it home . Someone else gets my Badlands!
  12. MIC Hardtops being Mix and Matched with 1.0 and 2.0 pieces?

    I just picked up a First Edition this weekend it’s exactly the same way. Noted to the dealer they said they will contact Ford.
  13. Bad news about MIC 2.0 quality after a few days

    My First Edition is the same exact way.Also in communication with Ford or at least the dealer is.
  14. WA State Check-In

    Thank You Sir!
  15. WA State Check-In

    I Feel good about it, I think I will miss the rubber washout floor, and I see what people are complaining about with the hardtops, but I will deal with it. I see some honey combing in the sides of it and the rough edges which I’m confused about because I thought they fixed that problem. So maybe...
  16. WA State Check-In

    So I went down to my dealer and paid off my Bronco that had a blend date of 10/29/21. Bought it because I wont be home in November to take possession of it if it comes in early. There sits this First Edition in Area 51, they asked me if I wanted to test drive it. I thought that was weird so I...
  17. Got the Call Today

    First off , congratulation's. 11 days to take delivery is pretty crazy. Now I am concerned with my order. My blend date is the 29th of October I leave for Missouri on a hunting trip on the 9th of November, sure would hate for my ride to get delivered and have to sit at a dealership for a week...
  18. Washington VINs Build dates or deliveries

    Somebodys First Editon and a white Base showed up this morning at 5am at Parr Ford in Bremerton. First edition was Area 51 . Nice Ride , congratulations to who ever owns it.