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  1. Removing these 3 constraints / commodities will improve your Bronco order’s chances of getting scheduled - says Ford

    This is probably a dumb question I can easily google but, how hard is it to install a tow package yourself? Never bought a vehicle without one before.
  2. FE towed due to network/power issues

    Damn, and you even towed back from Granger... I bet its an loose ECU ground, especially since you have a good battery and the cluster went out.
  3. Panda Motorworks Bronco Build Breakdown!

    Cool vid but just some feedback, music was a tad too high. Could barely hear him talk.
  4. The Bronco is now 1 of 3 finalists for 2022 North American Utility Vehicle of the Year

    Good thing they don't factor in hard tops, allocation formulas, part constraints, options on trims, and the ability to actually get one... How are they judging on safety when the NHTSA hasn't even rated it yet?
  5. To the designer of the Sasquatch tires

    I've had KO2s for years and never had a rock/gravel problem.
  6. Ford Reveals Bronco DR; Production Desert Racer With Coyote V8

    Ford can't even build street Broncos, who the hell is gonna drop $250k to race on when for that price they could build your own that is better and badder?
  7. Bronco Constraints Commodities - as of 10/27

    Ford you fuckin suck. GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER.
  8. Bad news about MIC 2.0 quality after a few days

    Does anyone have comparison photos between MIC 1.0 and 2.0? These look exactly the same to me?
  9. Resolution on DCH Ford ADM issue

    OP, you are a Bozo and I'll lay it out nice and simple for you why. 1. Dissing on the Granger fam 2. No signed price agreement 3. Requesting others to review bomb 4. Whatever you did in person at the dealership 5. Negotiating a second deal with the same scumbags 6. Requesting others to remove...
  10. Update-Situation fixed-So my Bronco has come in.... & marked up 10k by DCH FORD OF EATONTOWN

    Maybe you should have had half a brain to pick a half decent dealer????
  11. Granger Ford -2022 Bronco Allocation - No one said it was going to be easy

    The simple fact here is @Ford Motor Company changed the rules after the fact. If we knew this would happen we'd stick with the shit dealers that are close to us. If Ford was concerned with the amount of reservations going to 'small' dealers they should have let us know BEFORE we submit orders...
  12. 📊 2022 Bronco Allocations Formula Per Dealer

    Lol how their wording changed in the email yesterday. Fuck you Ford.
  13. Dealership called... Doesn't want me to sell my current bronco privately.. lol

    Sell it to someone here or someone you know...
  14. 📬 9/30 Scheduling email received group! [Post your reservation + build dates]

    I really hope you meant 9/29/20. If not, that's some fuckin bullshit.
  15. [Updated With Outcome in Part 2 Video] Dealer marks up former employee's Bronco by $10k

    lol, paying $5k over MSRP is not a happy ending. Dealers do this shit cause people are weak and can't differentiate between wants vs needs. Dude said he didn't want to ruin a 21 year relationship with a dealer who tried to fuck him over? Dumbass.