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  1. Dealer screwed me - 10k over msrp - Lindsay Ford - Wheaton, MD

    These threads always get my scared so I decided to reach out to the sales manager at my dealership and he's since left I think. Now I'm shitting bricks over here....
  2. Excellent Conversation with My Dealer Today

    If a Bronco owner came into a JL forum like a bull in a china shop and basically told everyone to pound themselves if they disagreed with him - I bet the reception would have been the same or worse.
  3. Excellent Conversation with My Dealer Today

    Nothing the OP wrote indicated he's close to a build date. Definitely won't be happening in January. So he might find out in the coming week or so if he is getting it built in February or March.
  4. Excellent Conversation with My Dealer Today

    With that kind of attitude it's a true mystery why the OP was met with mockery, derision, and laughter.... It''s one thing to be wrong. It's another to be wrong and a jerk. It's another to be wrong, double down, and continue to be a jerk. It's the worst thing to be wrong, double down, continue...
  5. Video: Bill @ Evilletruck goes full send and breaks his Bronco

    "So it's broke, broke?" Yes, you idiot - you drove your brokenco into the side of a mud embankment at 15-20mph and then submerged it in 4 feet of water.
  6. Savagegeese Reviews 2.3 Manual Black Diamond Bronco

    I went back and forth numerous times between BD and BaseSquatch. I ended up getting a build date for BaseSquatch and was going to make the switch back to BD (mid pkg). I know i'll love the BaseSquatch but I think BD owners should be very happy with their choice.
  7. Comparison Test: 2021 Ford Bronco vs. 2021 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited

    Seeing the 2.0L not only out perform the 2.3EB but also get better fuel economy while mated to an 8spd auto was disheartening. Maybe Ford should include the performance packs at no charge to right this rather embarrassing revelation. Might as well include it for the 2.7EBs too.
  8. Friday build woes. My Bronco delivered with unpainted tailgate and fuel door

    Not questioning my purchase just being thorough. We've seen plenty of examples of damage from transport. Others have scratches in the door jambs from doors being installed. I want to catch anything like that when I'm looking it over with the dealer so we get it all detailed and we can work on...
  9. Fog Light Pocket Upgrades!

    Looks good but even with the discount that's steep! With the aux wiring in place I hope I can add fog lights down there for a fraction of this cost. They do look great though.
  10. Friday build woes. My Bronco delivered with unpainted tailgate and fuel door

    Sorry you're dealing with this OP. This doesn't make me question my order as I only have my $100 deposit to Ford at the moment. I have from the very start, planned to take a high lumen flash light and spend a solid hour looking over the entire vehicle before I even take it from the dealership...
  11. 2.3 Shaping up to be the better Engine?

    The 2.3 is more proven, maybe you could say reliable however it has some known maintenance that must be performed as the engine ages. I've driven the 2.3 only and have found the acceleration to be adequate but I also haven't really laid into either demo I've had out of respect to the vehicles...
  12. My Bronco sucks off-road! Terrible rock chips after 80 miles on county dirt roads.

    I have a build date of 1/17 and am hoping for a delivery in February. I also ordered a Maverick Hybrid that likely won't arrive until Aug/September. The short term plan is to drive the Bronco until the Maverick arrives and then decide which vehicle is going to be the long term keeper. Since...
  13. Big Bend 👣 Middleton Motorsports Sasquatch Conversion 👣 | Painted Grill, Analog HD Wheels, 2" Lift

    Gotcha - don't disagree there. If all you'e going for is looks then this accomplishes that. I just think calling it a "Squatch" is a bit of a misnomer as taking it off road could cause some serious issues.
  14. Big Bend 👣 Middleton Motorsports Sasquatch Conversion 👣 | Painted Grill, Analog HD Wheels, 2" Lift

    You'd be wrong as Base, BB, BD, OB all have less travel than SAS. BL and WT have more.
  15. e-Bronco - Thoughts?

    Can confirm. Family works for a supplier who has been designing parts specifically for a Bronco EV.
  16. Big Bend 👣 Middleton Motorsports Sasquatch Conversion 👣 | Painted Grill, Analog HD Wheels, 2" Lift

    2" lift just the spacers? My only issue with the selfsquatch conversions is that they are for looks primarily. Taking that off road would significantly stress the factory parts and any travel in the suspension could impact proper geometry.
  17. Ford trying to end my marriage with no memory drivers seat

    I have to say I never missed the memory seat until we got them in my wife's odyssey. So nice to be able to get in and not have to adjust seat or mirrors - it just happens based on the key fob being used. Not saying the Bronco should or shouldn't have them - just that it is a nice touch. I...
  18. Alternator stopped working (5,000 miles)

    Maybe I am wrong, but wouldn't this also likely apply to the 2.3 location as well? Not saying OP is correct they caused it but it's concerning regardless.
  19. Bronco Flag is in next package from Ten10

    Well my 5 year old is pumped...