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  1. Gawker says "Wow...that the full size Bronco? All I see is little Girl Broncos..."

    Nah. I had read the post just a minute or two before reading yours. That's why it stuck out to me. Of course, my obsessive behavior stems from my 511 days, and counting, wait for my order to get scheduled...
  2. Gawker says "Wow...that the full size Bronco? All I see is little Girl Broncos..."

    Check post #47 - second paragraph...
  3. FWIW. Soft Top vs MIC Hardtop 2.0 - real world experience

    Went from rolling my eyes during post #1, to parenting respect in post #4. Congrats to him, and to you for not taking his scholarship as your windfall. I have a similar set up with my oldest daughter, who is paying her way through school as an RA, a TA, and with jobs during semester breaks. I...
  4. Orf

    Outer Banks Beach Club

    @Frank N Our house is in Chicahauk. I find it more residential than most of the OBX. It is where I plan to retire in a few years.
  5. Window Reset Procedure

    I like how all the steps are numbered 1 Just pulling your chain ...
  6. Orf

    Outer Banks Beach Club

    We have a house in Southern Shores. I get down there 2 or 3 times per year.
  7. 500 days since reservation club!

    Reserved 7/14/2020 Ordered - 1/22/2021 Reordered - 10/14/2021 VIN - Ha Scheduled for build - Right Delivered - Delivered? Did you say delivered?
  8. Orf

    Pittsburgh/Tri-State Bronco Club

    @VictoryLights I drove Washington Ford's mannequin for a couple days. I don't think it's even a $50K vehicle...
  9. A place for the rest of us to complain

    Thanks. I saw that right after I posted here. Good to know I’m not alone…
  10. Unscheduled Day 1 & 2 Reservations

    I can only speak for my own situation. I started as #14 at my local dealership, and their original allocation for 2021 was 22 units. We know how that unfolded. On Tuesday I was told that I am first in line at the dealership, and that they had 9 allocations for the first quarter. They already...
  11. Unscheduled Day 1 & 2 Reservations

    My stats below. I saw more than a couple people with nearly identical builds to mine, but reserved much later, get scheduling emails yesterday. Happy for those folks, but losing what little faith I had in Ford dwindling away. It really is ridiculous. On the flip side, maybe my really late...
  12. A place for the rest of us to complain

    We should start a thread for first 24 hour reservation holders, just to see who is the last to get scheduled. I bet it will be me. This last go around (11/18), I've seen more than a few people who reserved the same build as me, yet placed the reservation weeks and even months later, get their...
  13. Orf

    Pittsburgh/Tri-State Bronco Club

    I'll look for it around the township.
  14. Orf

    Pittsburgh/Tri-State Bronco Club

    7/14 res, still waiting for VIN. I was one of the fools who believed Ford when they said timestamp would matter.
  15. Am I wrong?

    You do you. My opinion; Stop reading now if you get off on arguing opinions. You are not wrong. There is more to life than a few dollars. Any money you get over and above what you paid will not be life changing. Like the person selling generators, right after a hurricane hits, at far more than...
  16. Anyone considering the new Hot Pepper Red?

    I went in and changed my 2021 order to a 2022 order today. I went with Hot Pepper Red - from Cyber Orange - and the dealership just happened to have a 2019 Ranger in HPR on the lot. I'm happy with my decision.
  17. 2022 Scheduling (and by association B&P, Orderbanks)

    From that link... Last Updated: 9/21/21 1 – All dates are estimated and subject to change.
  18. Steelers game….
  19. Horn alert when key is removed from truck with engine on...

    My F-250 did this. When I swapped the fuel tank for a larger one, I got a loaner programmer that plugs in to the OBD port to change the tank size. After changing the tank size in the computer, I searched for other stuff. Found the horn when key removed "feature" and turned it off. Yes - super...