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  1. Age and Reason for 2door and 4door buyers

    The 2 door is a lady's model.🤯
  2. Virginia WTB big bend take off wheels and tires.

    I want to buy a set of 5 Big bend wheels and tires.
  3. 🛠 11/15/21 build week group

    7 -28 reservation, 11-18 blend date, 4 door base rapid red hardtop shipped email received today.
  4. 🛠 11/15/21 build week group

    Nov 18th blend date and I got my build email confirmation today with a November 28th to December 5th delivery date. 4 door base rapid red hardtop
  5. 🛠 11/15/21 build week group

    I was supposed to be blended on the 18th but the ford tracker has been telling me this since the 16th.... I had correct info entered, broke down and called my dealer today and am waiting for my salesperson to return my call
  6. Is anyone debadging or rebadging their Bronco?

    Named my rig Dixie Lee and asked a buddy to 3d print a badge for me
  7. Dealership selling new Bronco for $72K+ over MSRP.

    My local dealer did the same thing...added some accessories to justify the mark up.
  8. 🛠 10/18/21 Build Week Group

    My 4 door base hardtop build with vin was originally scheduled for a late july build and has been pushed back every month and is now scheduled for the week of October 18th.
  9. What do you plan to do with old tires and wheels after upgrading?

    I will probably buy a set of bb take offs and then sell my base steel wheels.
  10. 0-60 mph test for 2.3L Bronco with 7-speed manual by TFL

    I just test drove a big bend 4 door 2.3 and it had plenty of power, I test drove it without knowing what motor was in it and guessed it was the 2.7
  11. ⛔️ [Update: Scheduling Cancelled For 10/18 Build Week]: Bronco scheduling this upcoming week (of 8/30) for production build weeks 10/4, 10/11, 10/18

    I have 4 door base rapid red in MIC, I have a VIN, First build week wasnjuly 26th. It has been pushed back several times all the way to week of Sept 27. Then I got a letter from Ford saying I should hear from them in early October and they plan on building my Bronco this year. Who knows
  12. I'm starting to think this may not happen

    Wow, this is not going well. Why are all of these vehicles sitting around?
  13. Base SAS vs Black Diamond SAS

    I ordered 4 door base hardtop with switches. It will be fun for me to spend my money on aftermarket accessories I want.
  14. Base Bronco on 33" KO2 tires & 17" Method 701 wheels

    Nice setup I love the white letter bfg a/t,s and the bronze wheels. I will probably put a very similar setup on my rapid red base. Did you use a lift or leveling kit?
  15. All Bronco Off-Roadeo Locations Now Open For Reservations

    New Hampshire is not even close to the mid Atlantic region. New hampshire is in New England not Mid atlantic. Get yourself a new map
  16. 10R60 (not 10R80) 10-speed automatic transmission for 2021 Bronco [update: confirmed in Ford parts system]

    I am worried my bronco will drive like my old fusion eco boost. It was basically on or off. I have been watching youtube reviews and have noticed comments about turbo lag(and I have witnessed turbo lag)then a lot of power coming in. Also, one reviewer mentioned a little gear searching on road...
  17. “Plain Jane” 4 door base video

    That's awesome, I am getting 4 door base. 1st thing, set of new tires, those BFG baja look pretty nice. Ford must have a lot of faith in the traction control to only offer open diff on base and I am gonna have fun testing it.
  18. Disconcerting video - Broken GOAT mode during off roading?

    crap, it turns out you are correct you are correct, i thought all I was getting is flat tow 4h and 4l, thanks for the heads up.