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  1. All-New Ford RANGER Revealed! New Bronco Competition From Within Ford

    The removable roof is the major point keeping me out of a Bronco. Coincidentally, the new Ranger would be right up my alley.
  2. Great Aerial Drone Bronco Video

    That's definitely a Skydio drone. The DJI automated avoidance doesn't hold a candle to Skydio's autonomous navigation.
  3. Base Sound System Upgrade/Build

    I think you're spot-on, and I'll go one step further. I plan on removing the stock rear pods because: they are super ugly rear speakers contribute very little to the front occupants' enjoyment. I'll upgrade the front kick panel/dash speakers and add a sub in the rear cargo area.
  4. B&O and Base Speaker Size and Location

    Rockford...Fosgate. Uh, ok. :rolleyes: In other news, the kick panel location has a cutout in the sheetmetal for a 6.5" round. Are you planning on cutting the sheetmetal to fit a 6x9?
  5. Video: POV on-road driving in 2.3L 7-Speed Bronco

    Watching this guy lug the engine at 1900 RPM and generally short-shift while trying to "hustle" through the corners is just painful. First time driving a manual? Also, I'm really disliking the Bronco's tachometer.
  6. What's the issue with Webasto exactly? (ADMIN WARNING: NO POLITICS)

    Solution: design a metal, permanently-affixed roof. I never wanted a removable roof anyway! Plenty of off-road SUVs in history without a soft-top or removable hard top.
  7. Intercoolers

    Amen. All this talk of "pre turbo" intercoolers and non-intercooled turbos in this thread is just making me wonder what planet (or decade) some posters are familiar with. Modern passenger vehicles with turbos have intercooled turbos. Turbo makes hot compressed air > intercooler cools it down...
  8. 2-Door Bronco Badlands - Cargo Space Pictures & Video

    Are you debating a Solid Axle Swap (SAS)? /s
  9. First Fuel Economy Numbers Seen on Window Sticker = 16.9 MPG (converted) for Sasquatch Badlands 4-Door Bronco 2.7L Monroney, broski.
  10. 💚 [Update: EVERGLADES GREEN confirmed by Levine?] Ford teases green color for 2022 Bronco

    I never thought I would be attracted to a white top on the new Bronco, but it looks great with this green. Thanks for the render.
  11. Lightning safety in non-metal-roof vehicles like Bronco?

    When you're camping in your truck on the side of a mountain above the treeline at 12,000 feet, you think about it a lot more.
  12. Manual & 2.3 Ecoboost

    Honestly, a hidden, unadorned exhaust tip sounds appealing. With a big shiny tip, it’s just one more thing to have to keep clean (I’m expecting the ecoboost produces a fair amount of soot). I only care about how it sounds.
  13. Lightning safety in non-metal-roof vehicles like Bronco?

    I should not be surprised at the number of “common sense experts” with no grasp of physics telling us the old wives tale about the rubber tires “helping,” and yet I am surprised.
  14. Manual & 2.3 Ecoboost

    Yeah man, I know this all too well. I miss my old WRX so much. Should have never sold it! Also, to pick a point, the WRX has a turbo as well and sounds way better than the NA Subaru boxers to me. The NA engines are just too harsh. Having the turbo in the way of the exhaust path helps take...
  15. Lightning safety in non-metal-roof vehicles like Bronco?

    As so many others have pointed out, the tires on your vehicle are insulators...but so what -- lightning has enough voltage potential to jump miles of open air, so about 12 inches of rubber tire is going to provide exactly no obstacle. I parked next to a Defender 110 a couple days ago with a...
  16. Lightning safety in non-metal-roof vehicles like Bronco?

    I go camping in my aluminum truck topper in the summer, and I don't worry about the (sometimes violent) thunderstorms we get up here in the mountains. In theory, the metal shell of the car body and truck topper should act like a Faraday cage if it was struck by lightning. How is that going to...
  17. Manual & 2.3 Ecoboost

    Do whatever you can to make it sound like an old WRX with unequal-length headers and a Cobb exhaust ;)
  18. Why Front Axle Disconnect (FAD) on some and not others?

    I've never seen IWE expanded as "Individual Wheel Engagement," but it certainly sounds better than "Integrated Wheel Ends"! An acronym only an automaker could come up with...
  19. Manual Transmission Q&A Master Thread

    I appreciate the intel, but have you also considered impacts from the seat height? Getting the seat close to the pedals fore/aft is great but it's not the whole story. I test drove a manual Forester about 5 years ago: when I was seated close enough to fully depress the clutch, the high seat...
  20. Bronco vs. Wrangler Overlay Picture

    Thanks! As a soon-to-be former Tacoma owner, this is super helpful.