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  1. Could Ford offer factory pick up?

    Would be a cool experience if you got to drive it off the end of the line. Otherwise, no point really. Still gotta do all the paperwork at the dealership anyway.
  2. Badlands vs Wildtrak side by side

    Not too sure yet. My wife loves teal, and I don't mind it, but I think the bronco looks better in darker colors. I was thinking like a satin gunmetal or maybe a Forrest green. I probably won't legitimately decide until the day I bring it to get wrapped 🤣
  3. Badlands vs Wildtrak side by side

    I will Immediately be looking for skinny fenders on my wildtrack. Would be really cool to find some Gloss black ones from a OBX to swap with to match my paint. I'll be wrapping my Bronco immediately, but I'd love to have color match fenders
  4. $75,000 V8

  5. $75,000 V8

    I used to be super into V8 swapping my old Jeep, but the more I learn about the 2.7TT, the more I like it and the potential it has. Tons of places that will be offering tunes and stage kits for them I'm sure. The only engine option I'd even consider, besides the 2.7, would be a diesel if offered...
  6. $75,000 V8 Not sure if any of yall saw this yet, but the 392 Wrangler is going to be 75k... YIKES. Yet another reason to stick with Bronco! Looking forward to...
  7. Wildtrak color

    I ordered Black. I think with all the subtle glass black accents the wildtrak has, in comparison to other trims, it looks cohesive. I also plan on wrapping my Bronco shortly after delivery and didn't want door jams and the roll cage to be some crazy color that doesn't match the wrap. Black is an...
  8. New Guy Just Saying Hello

  9. Has anyone already ordered wheels and tires? I'm I the only crazy one?

    If I get any sort of aftermarket wheel, it will be a one-off set through BC Forged. I won't order anything until I know 100% what my build plan is and the exact dimensions/measurements will need to be.
  10. Spare Tire Dismount/Mount Tips?

    Practice in the driveway a couple times before you go out!
  11. The Squat.

    Squatted trucks, cowboy butts, and pistachio nuts
  12. Request: Sasquatch Bronco with Non-Sasquatch Fenders

    Those fenders are going to be one of the first things that get the cut on my Wiltrak. Maybe someone will trade their Non-SAS flares with me, but im assuming the aftermarket will be pretty quick with these seeing as how modular they are
  13. Can’t think of a blessed aux switch item that I want/need - novelty of aux switches still worth it?

    A sunglass holder doubles as a taco holster for all those Taco Tuesdays ??‍♂️
  14. Delete

  15. Rapid Red OBX w/ Softtop vs. Race Red BL

    Rapid Rad OBX... Definitely the color I'm going with for my OBX
  16. Wildcat-has it all. Wildtrack maybe? Ha

    Gonna go out on a limb here and assume your phone auto correct Wildtrak to Wildcat? But yes, the Wildtrak is a solid trim level if you're going to add everything is has anyways.