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  1. 🛠 9/6/21 Build Week Group

    I’m wondering if anyone is having issues with the seatbelt. When I leave forward then back the seatbelt doesn’t tighten back up and leaves slack. I can’t tell if it’s because I have the seat pushed up too far or if others are having the same thing happen.
  2. CARBONIZED GRAY Bronco Club

    Thanks his is cactus grey
  3. CARBONIZED GRAY Bronco Club

    Someone parked their baby bronco next to mine.
  4. Spare Tire Cover

    My dealer added this I was considering a cover still not sure how I feel. I might take it off in warmer months.
  5. CARBONIZED GRAY Bronco Club

    Newest mod stop/start eliminator. Did it myself so anyone can do it. Just needed a little help with the trim piece under the hvac I was worried I wld break the clips. Works great so far in my driveway if I have a problem I’ll do an edit.
  6. 🛠 9/6/21 Build Week Group

    I’m wondering how many in this build week still waiting?
  7. 🛠 9/6/21 Build Week Group

    I painted mine and agree black looks better also painted ford emblem
  8. 🛠 9/6/21 Build Week Group

    Not on the convoy tracker. I’m pretty sure the pizza tracker did.
  9. 🛠 9/6/21 Build Week Group

    You can’t rely on the convoy tracker mine never changed and I have my bronco.
  10. CARBONIZED GRAY Bronco Club

    Yes that’s it.
  11. CARBONIZED GRAY Bronco Club

    I got spray paint color matched to the grey. I took both off to paint them. Ford emblem has to be taken apart. There is a thread where someone did it and explained the whole process.
  12. CARBONIZED GRAY Bronco Club

    Made a couple changes.
  13. Anyone else having trouble connecting to FordPass?

    Finally got mine to work. Sales guy had to reset ford pass in my bronco then it worked
  14. 🛠 9/6/21 Build Week Group

    Thanks for the assist
  15. 🛠 9/6/21 Build Week Group

    Got it from a member here. @HBTFD
  16. CARBONIZED GRAY Bronco Club

    Covered Bronco in grill with silver vinyl. It’s hard to tell in the pic. It isn’t perfect but not bad either. after before
  17. Wireless charging pad DIY install hack

    So I did another mod today put silver vinyl over bronco letters in grill. It’s not perfect but not bad either. after Before
  18. 🛠 9/6/21 Build Week Group

    I’m sure you will get yours soon there is a thread saying that all MY21s will be built by October. 🤞🏼🍀
  19. 🛠 9/6/21 Build Week Group

    I got it from @HBTFD he charges $30 he has a post about how he made them.