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  1. Request: Sasquatch Bronco with Non-Sasquatch Fenders

    I suspect there will be a lot of paint chipping on the doors going on with the thinner fenders.
  2. Bronco Black Diamond Interior & Seats Pics!

    I could live with this color combo. The other ones...not so much.
  3. Spied: Bronco Warthog With Live Valve Shocks & 37" Tires

    That Warthog sure seems to have a lot of rake.
  4. Bronco Wildtrak in Rapid Red at Arizona Hotel (Daytime Pics Added)

    The grey hardtops make them look like they are already 10 years old.
  5. Photoshop A51 Center Dash - How hard do you think it will be to remove center dash?

    I took a dash out of a jeep once. It was a huge pain in the rear. I would rather pay someone to do it next time.
  6. Area 51 thread

    Here's a Youtube video that shows the AREA 51 color really well. The video belongs to Backroad Driver. I think the grey roof works well on this color.
  7. A possible new competitor for the Bronco's class?

    The 11,000 Lb ft of claimed torque is due to the torque of the motors AND gear ratios. The actual combined torque of the 3 motors is about 1000 lb ft. This thing has a starting price of well over $100k. That's too rich for my blood and is definitely not something I would take to go mudding or...
  8. A possible new competitor for the Bronco's class?

    LOL! I suppose if you have a solar panel on the roof and 5 days to spare while waiting for the batteries to charge...then no big deal.
  9. A possible new competitor for the Bronco's class?

    The Hummer EV will be revealed tomorrow, OCT. 20th. It has up to 1000 hp, over 11,000 ft lb of torque and can do 0-60 mph in 3 seconds. There's also a truck version. It will be interesting to see if its on the Bronco and Jeep's level. Is it safe to say the old Hummer H2 certainly isn't...
  10. Performing engine break in period (breaking in) during long delivery roadtrip?

    The ring and pinions in the diffs usually have a break in period as well to prevent work hardening of the gear teeth. Putting loads on the new teeth and high gear oil temperatures are your enemy during the first 500 miles. After the first 20 miles pull over and let the gear oil cool. For the...
  11. Antimatter Blue - 3D demo of color shifting / flip flopping on Bronco body

    Welp, I'm sold on this color now... and it's your fault.
  12. New LR Defender

    Well, damn. I thought it would come to us in 2021. However, not all is lost: "The Grenadier will be initially launched in Europe next year, but the North American market is very much on the radar, says Tennant, though he won't be pinned down on timing. "From a regulatory point of view and a...
  13. New LR Defender

    Check out the Ineos Grenadier coming out next year
  14. My first official decal for my Bronco which doesn’t even exist yet

    Ladies, for god sake, please don't do this to the Bronco! Have mercy on us fellas.
  15. Second thoughts on cyber orange?

    Cyber orange looks more yellow. The color on this Lambo is definitely orange.
  16. Spotted: Bronco Badlands Sasquatch towing trailer with Outerbanks in the wild

    As long as you like the look and performance of bigger diameter wheels to allow for bigger brake disks. I prefer 16 inch wheels.
  17. 2021 Ford Bronco Actual Color Renderings

    My man! Thanks!
  18. Bronco Trail Turn Assist Demonstrated

    Is there an upgrade so we can do this?:
  19. Fender Flares and Wheel Backspacing Differences

    Ah, OK! Thanks for the info! I just assumed they both had 35" tires in the pic. So, there are two different widths for the fender flares after all.
  20. Area 51 thread

    It's my favorite color...for now. Tomorrow, who knows. It looks like the color on this Mercedes Benz van that's called blue-grey. I've seen this van/color combo in person and it looks great.