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  1. Bronco On the Rocks kit: photos and info

    Great work!
  2. Sun Visor too long hits rearview mirror

    Don’t suppose you have a picture of the clipping? Curious minds want to know.
  3. Bronco Wanderer kit: photos and info

    This looks really nice! If I can ask, What is orange or blue? The pictures show a nice matte black exterior graphic, I believe. Once again, excellent work!
  4. The LEGO Group wants to know your dream Technic sets and licences

    That would most likely involve custom designed pieces. Believe this is more of an enthusiast creation with existing pieces. Having said that, I’m definitely onboard with any potential specific Bronco parts.
  5. Is Cyber Orange and Badlands Orange Accent the same color?

    Yes. No metallic flakes on the interior though. ;-)
  6. The LEGO Group wants to know your dream Technic sets and licences

    The engineer in question who came up with the first model is Peter Blackert, and here is his instagram page: Great guy, who definitely knows how to LEGO. My parts are on order (read: not a kit per se, but instructions / parts-list), hopefully for an...
  7. Front Bumper with 2" Hitch Receiver

    Great idea. It would be nice to detach the winch when not needed (90% of the time).
  8. Bronco wave is real.

    Looks pretty steep!
  9. Aftermarket Hardtop?

    There might be cardboard / duct-tape / krylon versions being created by next fall if they don’t have ‘em yet.
  10. Front differential fluid check..?

    I’m pretty sure they have a small metal tube attached to the top, acting as an extension to the breather valve; allowing for a deeper fording depth.
  11. Pretty tragic week, got my Bronco aweek ago and already gone!

    Hilarious! You *could* escalate the situation here, but I suspect a new reservation might be the safest bet.. 🤣
  12. AirTag put on my Bronco to track me

    You were right to file a police report. So you were not able to identify the AirTag in question that ended up following you? This warning Apple included to warn users if an unknown item is “tracking them” (read: following their location, approximately, but not associated with their Apple ID)...
  13. 300 mile owner review - 4DR 2.3 OBX MIC Leather

    Appreciate your thoughts. Some might disagree with you on the tidiness of the engine bay, though. ;-)
  14. First real snow- one issue

    True enough. But it might help cut down on build-up from driving.
  15. First real snow- one issue

    # Mudflaps have entered the chat
  16. Bone Stock Badlands does Poison Spider and Golden Spike, Moab UT (Level 7 Trails)

    Great picture, video and write up. As someone who’s getting a non-squatched badlands this is encouraging. Which engine/transmission if I can ask?
  17. Video: Bill @ Evilletruck goes full send and breaks his Bronco

    @evilletruck, let us know what the damage report comes back with.