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  1. Eruption Green Bronco Badlands Sasquatch + Capable Bumper spotted in the Wild

    Those are the BEST pictures I have seen of that color.
  2. Took Delivery of my AMB Base!!

    Looks super. Congratulations and best of luck with your new ride. 👍
  3. 📊 2022 Bronco Allocations Formula Per Dealer

    Seems big dealerships get LIFO. Not FIFO. Doesnt seem fair.
  4. Sasquatch suspension explained by engineer Dan Edmunds. Tire + wheels weight = 87.5 lbs

    I really enjoyed that. Thank you very much for posting it. The brake size and tire size, 33" inch for a 2 door. Were very interesting to me. My humble 2 cents. 👍 I need to rethink my order now. Thanks..😂
  5. Scheduled to reorder 2022 Bronco when order banks open 10/13

    I will be ordering that day. For the first time. Wonder whats in store for me? From the stuff I have been reading from you fellas. Holy smokes! 😂
  6. Base Model Bronco Thread

    Looks like factory steelies if you expand the picture. My 2 cents. Not sure of the tire size, look kinda beefy. But I dont think Squatch 35's.
  7. Warning: Bronco bolts strip easily

    You think Ford could have put in an extra effort / quality tools knowing that people were going to use them frequently.
  8. Base Bronco ordering .. not much you can add

    First off, here is the guy with the You Tube post on doing the 32 inch tires. And yes I saw all his videos, painting the grill, steelies etc. Regarding the 35 inch tires on the base Bronco. I havent seen that yet, without some kind of lift kit done. Any of you out there that wants to see putting...
  9. Base Bronco ordering .. not much you can add

    The guy you talk about that has the base Bronco and did a you tube is a member on this site and posts here. He installed 32's and they did not rub. Imho, install 35's with no lift kit, there will be problems. Its worth it to see the video. He used the steelies to.
  10. Base Bronco ordering .. not much you can add

    Steve, old fart here to. Just a comment. For the tires and wheels and few other things your doing, shocks etc. Your just about at the Sasquatch price. And letting Ford do all the bull work. My humble 2 cents. As I also thought of running the 32's on the steelies and getting them powdercoated. I...
  11. Base Bronco ordering .. not much you can add

    Steve. WOW! your very detail oriented. Thanks, I like that Velocity Blue myself and Race Red like I had on my Mustang GT. The only rock crawling for me will be stray pebbles on the road. I like how you outfitted it. 👍 plenty of good replies posted on folks wants & needs for the Broncos ordered /...
  12. Base Bronco ordering .. not much you can add

    Years ago you could order a base vehicle and load it up with MANY options. But like another person said they were surprised you could order the Squatch package on it. That was a shocker.
  13. Base Bronco ordering .. not much you can add

    I have been all over the Ford ordering website playing with differant models and options and final.prices. I noticed on the base if you order the Squatch model and overheard consol light switches. Theres really not much else in the way of goodies to get. Like heated steering wheel, seats, front...
  14. Is This the First Salvage 2021 Bronco?

    Wonder how good the Bronco will do when they start testing it for the five star safety ratings? Now that will be interesting
  15. Is This the First Salvage 2021 Bronco?

    Good Lord. Why in the heck would they total that? And you want to know why insurance prices are up? 😂
  16. Delivered!

    Best of luck with it. Sure looks sweet. 👍
  17. 🗓 2022 Bronco order bank opens October 13!

    I wonder how much price increses will be. Just curious is all. Heck I didnt even order yet. Waiting for the October 13th date. 2 door, MIC top. Not interested in convert top. Lets guess one year to delivery. Ok, comments wellcome.