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  1. Bone Stock Badlands does Poison Spider and Golden Spike, Moab UT (Level 7 Trails)

    Rock on!!! Poison Spider is definitely on my to-do list the next time I’m in Moab.
  2. Video: Bill @ Evilletruck goes full send and breaks his Bronco

    It appears that the CO are full sending it, there is another video (TikTok) of a CO in B.C. having some fun. I'm glad you're ok and I applaud you for maintaining a positive outlook on this rather unfortunate event. You'll no doubt get your rig fixed and I look forward to watching more videos of...
  3. 2.7L Oil Change Tips + Replacement Drain Plugs

    I recently performed an oil change on my 2.7L and managed to take out/drain close to 6 and 3/4 quarts of oil. The oil level readings on my dipstick has always been consistently in the nominal mark ("B") so I do not believe it was overfilled from factory. I put ~6 and 3/4 of quarts back in and...
  4. Just looking for a fun ride, not a mountain goat.

    I’m working on a video that I’ll think you’ll enjoy and will focus more on the fun and cool driving aspect of the Bronco. Stay tuned!!
  5. Bronco tackling THE WALL at Spring Creek (Dumont, CO)

    I would agree that the middle/right was slightly more difficult. The part where my buddy scales up the wall offers the best view of how steep it is. I’m just glad we all made it up without getting winched.
  6. Bronco tackling THE WALL at Spring Creek (Dumont, CO)

    Appreciate the feedback. I was referring to the built buggy/Jeep. Now that rig made it look easy. I agree that the videos just simply doesn’t do it justice.
  7. Bronco tackling THE WALL at Spring Creek (Dumont, CO)

    Clerical error on my part ;) The Wall was a doozy. We're glutton for punishment so we 'had' to make it up the middle line. The Hard Left was fun and I don't know if the audio captures it but my rear passenger tire lost air on that obstacle. I'm pretty confident that I may have de-beaded there...
  8. Bronco tackling THE WALL at Spring Creek (Dumont, CO)

    Happy Friday everyone!! The crew is back at it doing a tough but fun trail called Spring Creek. The main obstacle is called THE WALL and it lived up to its reputation as being tough. I hate to admit it but a 'Jeep' completely waxes my Bronco on this obstacle. I hope this video gets you guys...
  9. Bronco tackles Chinaman Gulch in CO!

    I don’t have a ton of experience off-roading in muddy condition as it not very common here in CO.
  10. Bronco tackles Chinaman Gulch in CO!

    Oh gosh, didn't take any offense. It's really good conversation and I'm glad we can all have a civil conversation without the flame war. I love the M.T. Baja MTZ P3s MT tires. I typically run 10psi and they are providing plenty of grip and holding up well. The KO2s are a great tire and has been...
  11. Bronco tackles Chinaman Gulch in CO!

    The 4dr JK has a 3.5" Metal Cloak Game Changer lift with 35" tires, steering upgrades and aftermarket armor. The 2dr JL has a Mopar 2" lift with 37" tires, steering upgrades and aftermarket armor. We're comparing those vehicles to a stock Bronco w/ Sasquatch package on 35" tires, stock steering...
  12. OXFORD WHITE Bronco Club

    What's a Bronco without some scars.
  13. Bronco tackles Chinaman Gulch in CO!

    Yes!! The 360 camera was on and used at all times. I can't tell you how useful this functionality is out on the trail. I agree. It's a great trail and I can't to wait to go back and run it again.
  14. Bronco tackles Chinaman Gulch in CO!

    Appreciate the comment and kudos. As we all know, you win some and you lose some. I hope to be on the winning end majority of the time but coming up short is also part of wheeling. We were all running this trail for the first time. As such the driver of the lead rig (JK Rubi) had the dubious...
  15. Bronco tackles Chinaman Gulch in CO!

    It's a bummer that they didn't get the 3 Peak Mountain Snowflake symbol. I'm actually contemplating using these tires for the winter months to see how they perform. It added an extra level of complexity and excitement with each obstacle. All good buddies out in the woods having fun :) So we...
  16. Bronco tackles Chinaman Gulch in CO!

    Appreciate you posting this video. Such a well produced video and it was very fun to watch. I'll be checking out their past and future episodes.
  17. Bronco tackles Chinaman Gulch in CO!

    Appreciate the feedback and comment. I'm running the Diode Dynamics Stage Series 3" SAE/DOT White PRO LED pod lights in the Flood beam pattern. They are pointed slight at an angle. I've tested this setup and can confirm that when angled slightly to the side it does not have any negative impact...
  18. Bronco tackles Chinaman Gulch in CO!

    The 2dr JL was running KM3 (37") and did air down to 12psi. Not sure why it looks the way it does. Appreciate the feedback. I went back to rewatch that section... I love this part "Someones gotta watch the front"... I guess that would be me LOL :)
  19. Bronco tackles Chinaman Gulch in CO!

    I'm working on a video detailing the trail damage (aka scratches and gouges) and providing my humble opinion on upgrades and modifications that are 'must haves' to run challenging terrain. The trail is very popular with the off-raoders in CO and is fun to run all year round. The tires are...
  20. Bronco tackles Chinaman Gulch in CO!

    I want to thank everyone for the comments and kudos. I'm also open to constructive criticism so please don't be shy to post suggestions and recommendations as it'll only result in better content. I'm the driver of the Bronco in this video and the Bronco is a BL trim w/ the stock OEM Sasquatch...