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  1. I test drove lifted 2.3 Ranger w/35s and 2.7 F150

    The 3.5 is not significantly faster that the 2.7 if at all
  2. I test drove lifted 2.3 Ranger w/35s and 2.7 F150

    Anybody with a 2.7 ecoboost f-150 knows it'll be no issue. i haven't been a sports car guy but my 2.7 f150 is the fastest vehicle i've ever owned. it hauls. balls. you can debate the decimal points but its something like a 6 second 0-60 on a full sized crew cab truck. i tow my 20' boat like...
  3. A rant that hopefully helps on-the-fence bronco buyers

    i don't know about this assessment of what the bronco will be. i think a lot of people, myself included, like what jeep has to offer in terms of offroading and open roof, but are hoping for a much nicer version of that in the bronco. there's literally no information that would suggest it will...
  4. Two Door Stowable Doors?

    does anybody know if both the top and the doors can be stored in the back on the 4 door? i've seen some videos where that was casually mentioned.
  5. Black Diamond Bronco Thread

    i did it at 530 this morning and it sailed through. my local dealer already called me.
  6. Black Diamond Bronco Thread

    black diamond! can't remember anything else, was a blur. would love 2.7, auto, hardtop, mid with sasquatch
  7. Distilling info

    I’m with you. Dying to see the roof and doors come off. Biggest frustration when I had a 4 door hard top Jeep was what a pain in the a$$ it was.