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  1. RG7

    Found the Car That I'll be Cancelling My Reservation For

    It’s got a white top too!
  2. RG7

    To Order or Not to Order, that is the question??

    There are 15,000 members here which means there are 15,000 opinions on how the whole process will take place in terms of sorting orders, late availability items etc. The only ones who know that info right now are Ford, and I’d bet they don’t even have the details worked out yet. Personally, I’m...
  3. RG7

    Ford Bronco R Finishes 2020 Baja 1000

    Had to swap a steering rack at the very least, not sure what other issues they had.
  4. RG7

    Is anyone else as excited about the removable fenders as I am?

    Removable quarters is huge. Plus it’s all about how the OEM markets the features. Since it’s being noted that the quarters are removable, I can guarantee that will be a point of emphasis for aftermarket manufacturers.
  5. RG7

    Can MIC and Modular Roof panels be removed if you have a roof rack?

    The two front panels are supposedly able to be removed with the rack on, and I believe the panels over the rear seats are as well, but the rest of the roof can’t be removed with the rack on as it’s where the rear of the rack mounts. This is based on memory and what we’ve heard/pieced together...
  6. RG7

    Am I the only one who hasn't heard of Filson?

    The Fabbri and Purdey world is truly on a different level.
  7. RG7

    Got email from my dealer that I can place order now

    Sounds like you’re done then because he didn’t place your order. He took it, but he didn’t place it in the system, nobody can right now.
  8. RG7

    Ford to Reveal Custom Bronco Badlands Sasquatch 2-Door Concept @ ‘Ford Auto Nights’ SEMA Show Special Webcast

    Yeah how dare Ford continue to show us cool stuff that we can do with our Broncos!!! Shame on them for doing something new as an OEM that’s acknowledging their vehicles are built to be modified!! This is untenable /s God damn some of you suck the fun out of everything
  9. RG7

    B&P #s

    Do some searching around the forum. Granger is mentioned on what seems like every other post. There are many threads here regarding their deals as well as other under invoice offers.
  10. RG7

    Pics: Bronco Slide-Out Tailgate and Sunrider Top

    I’m 1) partially colorblind and 2) really don’t care about interior colors that much, but WOW do those blue accents look like trash in that interior. If I wanted OBX that would actively turn me off from purchasing. Edit: quoting this for visibility because it’s spot on
  11. RG7

    I'm looking for opinions, but I'll probably get mocked. I'm ready!!

    Go for it! Many on this forum have major trim envy issues and can’t get over not having the highest trim, this won’t be representative of the whole Bronco population. The BB will be awesome for your purposes. Maybe consider adding the rear locker if it works in your budget
  12. RG7

    Has anyone spoken to a Ford salesman that actually knew as much as you do?

    Nope. Asking a car “salesman” for detailed information is like asking a toddler to do calculus. It’s not going to happen and both parties will end up pissed.
  13. RG7

    Live Reveal: Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 392

    Don’t see how one has anything to do with the other. Ford didn’t double down by putting a 470hp V8 in the bronco II. I agree with you on the horrendous safety record of the Bronco II, and Ford has a long history of building unsafe vehicles, but that doesn’t have much to do with what FCA is...
  14. RG7

    Live Reveal: Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 392

    Good GOD I don’t want to be on the road anywhere near these things. Seriously can’t believe they’re bragging about 0-60 times on a vehicle that has proven to be unstable with basically a golf cart motor in it. Can’t imagine what it’ll be like to drive one with a 6.4 in it.
  15. RG7

    Bronco SPORT accessories brochure with MSRP pricing

    Console vaults are probably the most interesting thing on there tbh
  16. RG7

    CO 2 door pics closeups

    Thanks for cross posting. I’ll always admire BN’s ability to post pictures that leave the viewer more confused about the subject matter than they were before they saw the picture.
  17. RG7

    Rivian colors are something

    Love the greens. Ford please give us green
  18. RG7

    Do I miss out on much without sway bar disconnect?

    It’s a convenience feature, not an extra capability. As mentioned before, you can still DC your sway bar manually with a wrench and ratchet in about 5 minutes. So you’re not losing any functionality if you don’t get it.
  19. RG7

    Raptor/Warthog motor...

    I like the not a concept hashtag aimed squarely at the bronco lol. I think we are witnessing the start of an awesome class war in this segment between Jeep and Ford. The next 10 years will be very interesting for these vehicles.