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  1. Bladerunner24

    To Order or Not to Order, that is the question??

    I would wait till last possible minute. Make sure they aren't adding any dealer mark ups either.
  2. Bladerunner24

    Why Base is best

    I was dead set on base until I researched big bend a little more and realized paying 2500 extra would get me better rims, accessories,and options to choose from like tow package.
  3. Bladerunner24

    Build & Price update coming next year says Ford

    Up to this point Ford has gotten nothing right.
  4. Bladerunner24

    Ford Has A "Mole" Watching This Forum

    I'm sure they have a few.
  5. Bladerunner24

    Build & Price Update Is Coming Says Bronco Brand Manger

    Yawn, super old news folks.
  6. Bladerunner24

    So... We ordering our Bronco's in a few weeks?

    I will be waiting too, I mean I've waited this long what's another 12 months or so.yeah BP is just a disaster.
  7. Bladerunner24

    2021 Bronco Parts & Accessories Guide (Including Pricing & Part Numbers)

    Over promised, and under delivered. Where's the infamous pull out table??
  8. Bladerunner24

    Ford Sends New Survey: "Bronco Needs Your Help"

    They are treading water, it basically says why haven't you confirmed your reservation yet and we need to know where we screwed up.
  9. Bladerunner24

    Bronco spotted at dealership

    "For training" my a$$
  10. Bladerunner24

    My dealer just called to chew me out.

    I guess you got your answer, pretty sure dealers hire from the same sleeze pool. But on the bright side politicians finally passed car salesman as most hated people.
  11. Bladerunner24

    500k+ Bronco builds created on Build & Price so far. Here are the configuration stats.

    I would like to know how many actually hit confirm after building. I'm sure Ford won't tell us that because the number will be so low.
  12. Bladerunner24

    Top trims and features 190,000 reservation holders want according to Ford

    190k reservations, how many of those are dealer employees, 2nd reservations,tire kickers...... they will be lucky to fill half of that. Nickle and dimed to death on this one.
  13. Bladerunner24

    Great Southern Bronco Deal!

    I love how these dealers jump on here right after B and P. They're like sharks and smell blood in the water.
  14. Bladerunner24

    Compiled list of issues / bugs with Bronco Build & Price

    Here's my big issue, this is what we were shown but not what we got.
  15. Bladerunner24

    AZ Dealerships

    Yep, the reason I will probably wait til hype is over and price comes back to reality with low intrest rates.