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  1. Spencer

    Northern California dealership discussion

    Where'd you get yours? I know there's a great breeder in the Santa Rosa area. Our guy, Lincoln, is only 7mos (already 75lbs), still has his crazy puppieness. We got him from a breeder in KY.
  2. Spencer

    Northern California dealership discussion

    Awesome, I have one too! Great (and crazy) dogs!
  3. Spencer

    Northern California dealership discussion

    @jonwithanelcamino is that a Rhodesian Ridgeback on your avatar?
  4. Spencer

    New LR Defender

    Saw the new 4DR Land Rover Defender on the road today (not quick enough to snap a pic). Man did LR brick it hard on that truck! Let me say I absolutely LOVE the original Defenders, would get one in a heartbeat if they weren't as overpriced as they are today. But this new Defender is a joke. Yes...
  5. Spencer

    Hesitant to Order Before Test Drive?

    Is it weird that I don't care to? I mean if given the opportunity, sure. But if I don't even sit in my car before it arrives, it really wouldn't change my opinion. This is going to be a fun, weekend car for me. I trust Ford won't F it up
  6. Spencer

    Who's your college football team!

    University of Arizona alumni here, not much of a football school, I’ll take basketball though.
  7. Spencer

    A point of contact for SoCal buyers

    Dude, you're the Dig it!
  8. Spencer

    A point of contact for SoCal buyers

    Same here, live in Calabasas. You?
  9. Spencer

    SoCal Broncos

    Los Angeles (Calabasas) here. Looking to get the 2DR Outerbanks, leaning carbonized grey
  10. Spencer

    Any good SoCal dealers?

    The LA exodus of (educated!) buyers is head down South to @EricAtKearnyMesaFord!
  11. Spencer

    2021 Ford Bronco Makes NYC Debut at NYSE (Aug 17) - Pics, Video, Q&A

    Awesome, thank you for sharing! A bit bummed about the 2DR cargo depth but what are you going to do? Likely won't be loading it up anyways, but would've been nice to have some more depth. Haven't seen the truck in person like you, but I do agree that the 2DR is better looking (albeit the 4DR...
  12. Spencer

    Why are you choosing 2 or 4 door Bronco? Which will have better resale value?

    I think it’s hard to say which will hold better value. Jeep owners, do either 2/4DR hold value more than the other? The 4DR is obviously more practical, but to me the 2DR is significantly better looking. I’m going 2DR since this will be my fun, weekend car
  13. Spencer

    A point of contact for SoCal buyers

    Dude, if you are in LA (what dealerships were you looking at?), might as well join the Kearney Mesa Ford bandwagon and contact @EricAtKearnyMesaFord, you’ll get a fair and honest deal from him.
  14. Spencer

    A point of contact for SoCal buyers

    Your experience is almost exactly like mine, only further up in LA. I wouldn’t be shocked if my original dealer does no ADM and x plan, but for piece of mind and appreciating @EricAtKearnyMesaFord responsiveness, I happily changed to his dealership yesterday.
  15. Spencer

    Our Q&A (and Photos) From the First 2021 Bronco Ride Along Event

    Great info, thank you! Call me crazy, but I think there will be plenty of truck room in the 2DR
  16. Spencer

    Any good SoCal dealers?

    Sure, but what does it entail exactly?
  17. Spencer

    Outer Banks Bronco Thread

    This is what I was thinking too, plus the B&O Stereo.