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  1. Granger Ford - to our current reservation holders

    Just got and replied...crap did not think to put the reservation ID in the reply.
  2. Granger Ford - to our current reservation holders

    My sister is a realtor and I did a double take at her notification bubbles on her phone...13,000+emails, 9,000+ texts. I almost spit out my drink. She said it was the last couple of months. She said it is mainly for a leasing/rental company she also manages and gets cc'd on the questions and...
  3. Ford Bronco R Finishes 2020 Baja 1000

    You have to account for the number of UTV, ATV, Dirt bike, quads and other stuff that run. With that said way to go. Finished this year that was better than last year and next year factory rigs might start showing up...or at least in a few years.
  4. Hello from Hothead Headliners!

    Been researching this for a while and since there is no info on the Ford offering I plan on going with hothead. I must say the reviews and install videos I have seen are what has sold me. I was thinking of making my own but after watching some of your customer self install videos I quickly...
  5. Reservation Cut off date/ deliveries into 2023?

    The Sept cutoff was for dealer figures not reservation holder deliveries. Best bet if you want to push the delivery is build with something that is late mansquatch as they are at least late 21 calendar year. Dealerships outside of canceled reservations last min that are...
  6. Post your build here.

    Badlands 4 door A51 2.3L 7spd MIC hardtop Mid package on the fence for the factory PPF
  7. Test Drove 2.3L Ranger & 2.7L in F150 and was disappointed... Options to improve off the line?

    Does Ford still use the Throttle open delay programming in the EEC? I know in the past when going full throttle the drive by wire would open the throttle body say 80-90% then slowly open the throttle to the full 100%. This was prior to or early eco-boost but could see it still living in the...
  8. Dealer Requested Deposit Amount

    Fully expect 500 to 1k being asked for...moreover now that Ford guidance for allocation and completing reservation sales to reservation holders. I plan on paying 20 to 25% down by the time financing is done so 1k is no big deal as long as it is applied to the overall price.
  9. CD Player

    bite the bullet and convert your music to a thumb drive. About 10yrs ago I did this and if you build it so you have your band folders and label the songs along with a grouping name like a music style and or drive home and even rank you can shuffle by that. When you are done or mostly done it...
  10. Wifi hot spot?

    I tend to just use my phone as a hot spot on long trips. I also picked up years ago a juice box that also sent its own wifi signal out and accepts sd card and USB storage. will plug in a device that has movies books on it so others can stream. I tend to stear clear of added cell bill items...
  11. Factory Pics of Area 51 Black Diamond 4-Door Soft Top

    Carpeted floor mats are std on the BD and BL with the MGV. The BD gets front mats while the BL gets front and rear. I am actually glad the std mats are carpeted as it will help to some extent as some sound absorption with the rubber floor. Also super easy to wash carpet floormats.
  12. Let’s make a list, how to not be THAT guy/gal (and a new acronym: TINTTFU)

    I think it depends on the a tech related post outside of some sarcastic comments in good tast that are not attacking posters...a lot of my posts tend to be like I view most of forum activities as a conversation and conversations go down rabbit holes. Let's be real as...
  13. Is anyone considering waiting for the Warthog instead of getting a BL or WC when Ford starts shipping them?

    I plan on gathering up WH parts like brake components, a arms, CV axles, shocks, springs and swap it onto my BL. That is only of the WH has even more articulation over the BL and with those a arms by the look of it they will. By the time I gather all the parts I figure I am targeting...
  14. Milwaukee M12 Compact Inflator Kit - On Sale

    10million $$$ Question... Will it inflate a 35in tire from say 10psi to 32-35psi? love Milwaukee cordless stuff and have been eyeballing this but not sure if it is enough...
  15. Do you think MT Badlands will end up being late availability?

    The manual BL was something noted from the get go. I think the supply chain limits are at the take rate level in addition too the BL. Ford probably negotiated x volume and was set for y capacity and the manual sasq would change those and more than likely result in a higher take rate...
  16. Bronco financing

    We are time traveling toward the future currently...just at 1sec per sec...LOL.
  17. The "new" Zombie Crawler

    ignites a road flare and places it inside of whatever that is and walks away...
  18. Who's adding Keyless Keypad Entry and why?

    Have had the key pad on 3 cars and I might have used it 1 time overall. The one touch proximity is what spoiled me. Just putting my hand on the door handle to unlock and swiping to lock is one reason I went with mid package. I do not like how it is just a box on the door of the bronco but see...
  19. Warthog Bronco SPORT?

    2.3 is based on the 2.0 so if a 2.0 fits a 2.3 should fit with no problem. If I recall the 2.3 is a stroked 2.0 with the same bore and deck height.