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  1. Villageidit

    Movin On Up

    Thanks for the link.
  2. Villageidit

    Movin On Up

    I just moved to Tennessee, I'll have to check that out. Thanks
  3. Villageidit

    Movin On Up

    Thanks, hope to see you out there some day. My wife's statements of "you're not doing that in our 60K Bronco" and "i think we should sell your truck if we get a Bronco" after watching the Moab videos sealed the deal.
  4. Villageidit

    Movin On Up

    Everyone who reserved after I did on 7/20 that is. Made the decision not to go through with my reservation. It wasn't the MIC top, non color matched seat stitching or any of the other issues we obsessed over. I was showing my wife the videos of the Bronco in Moab as it is one of the first places...
  5. Villageidit

    Poll: Trouble deciding on...

    Voted other. Two weeks ago four door Badlands + 2.7L + A/T + MIC top + High in Area 51. Would probably change to Stephens for the 1K under invoice. Now strongly considering a SxS to pull behind my paid off truck and use the 30K in savings to wheel all over the United States. I'm retired so I can...
  6. Villageidit

    X plan bye bye TN & N GA people

    I'd be in if a deal similar to Stephen's can be worked out. I'll be home Thursday and I'll talk to the dealer I have my reservation with next week.
  7. Villageidit

    Your first Bronco, or repeat offender?

    My first but I've driven FSB's for work in the past. Owned a Ramcharger, loved it but hated the worthless 318 p.o.s they stuck in it.
  8. Villageidit

    Bitter Bronco guy calls us out LOL

    Hmmm, "BASIC" or "BSCPRSN" as a personalized plate?
  9. Villageidit

    When I pull the trigger

    I've only really eliminated the BB and OBX trims. Reserved a 4DR BD. Have been thinking of everything from WT/wLux to a Base Squatch. Wish we could see all the dash trims so I could decide if I can live with a Base or need High or Lux. If I go BD or above probably A51. If i go Base then Rapid...
  10. Villageidit

    First new Broncos spotted at Super Celebration East

    Anybody else scratching their head over why all (or at least some) of those Broncos that just rolled out at MAP aren't there? Perfect place to show them off.
  11. Villageidit

    What's in your toy box?

    My Triumph Sprint ST. 1050cc triple. Sold it about two years ago. And a stock picture of my 1986 Audi GT Coupe. My twenty year old son resents me selling it before he was born. Probably the best car I've owned, had almost 300K miles when I sold it. Only replaced the radiator and exhaust system.
  12. Villageidit

    Saw this while I was out working

    I'm not in to car restoration just thought my fellow members would appreciate seeing it. We need something other than endless B&P and allocation speculation.
  13. Villageidit

    Saw this while I was out working

    It's in some old buildings and I'm not sure who owns that property now. It has an engine but I couldn't get the hood up to see which one.
  14. Villageidit

    Saw this while I was out working

    Probably a hunting vehicle that was abandoned along with the ranch.
  15. Villageidit

    Saw this while I was out working

    Came across an EB while I driving through some ranches. Thought some pictures might make a welcome break Hope you enjoy them.
  16. Villageidit

    Where are you from? What are you going to do with your Bronco?

    Tennessee living in my retirement home so need to daily drive anywhere. Plenty of trails near me to hit with the Bronco. Then I'll road trip to see my kids. Plan on Moab and other areas as I drive across the west.
  17. Villageidit

    Anyone thinking of waiting?

    I'm old, not waiting anymore. I've put off too many things in my life. I'm blowing the bonus I got at work plus my accumulated vacation time payout on this. Plus the men in my family tend to die young.
  18. Villageidit

    RV Thread (Renamed my RV .. BSV- Bronco Support one else pulling their Bronco??

    I don't currently own an RV. If my wife doesn't find the Bronco comfortable for cross country trips I'll either flat tow it behind my Ram or get a trailer for it.
  19. Villageidit

    Stephens Auto "Roll-Call"

    7/20 Reservation Tennessee 90% sure I will switch to Stephen's before the deadline
  20. Villageidit

    Poll: October B&P date guesses

    Voted "never" just like I did in the September poll. :ROFLMAO: