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  1. Suke996

    "Wait for black mod hard top" Crew 💪

    Depends on the color we finally choose. The MIC top looks good on Area 51 which currently is the color we like. If the wife changes her mind, we will delay until the MOD top is available. First Edition time stamp 11:01 pm 7/13.
  2. Suke996

    Confirmed: 2-Door Soft Top Accessory Option & 4-Door Sunrider Top by Bestop

    Don’t drop the bolts down the wheel well. Probably going to stuff a piece of pool noodle in the well just in case.
  3. Suke996

    Spotted: 4-Door Carbonized Gray Badlands on 33's

    Kinda sucks the Bronco logo gets blocked.
  4. Suke996

    Warthog vs Rubicon 392 ( Car and Driver)

    RubiTrux in Boone NC won’t be excited to see the 392 Jeep as they do HEMI conversions that exceed $100k....
  5. Suke996

    Aviation Photo and BS thread

    Pictures from work. A320 and A321's. Few old school Mig and Hind shots (still operating by way) while in Cuba.
  6. Suke996

    How much more interior room does the 4 door really have than the 2 door?

    Our Sequoia has hip room of 59.9 and fits 3 adults with no issues, The Bronco is showing hip room of 54.8. So definitely narrower than the Sequoia by 5.1 inches. The Sequoia is listed as a Full Size SUV while the Bronco isn't. Think I might place a 5 inch box in Sequoia tomorrow and see...
  7. Suke996

    Mike levine confirms that winch will block camera view

    We know on the Badlands overlander build the winch blocks the front Camera. I have a First Edition reservation and while doing the Build and Price, noticed the front bumper brush guard looks like it will also block the front camera. In the reservation picture from 7/13, the brush guard seems...
  8. Suke996

    How Exaggerated Are Claims of Vinyl Seats Being Bad?

    Not sure what type of Marine grade vinyl Ford is using, but on our boat, the light colored vinyl stays cool while the darker colors get hot. Some brands use “cool touch” vinyl which does make a difference.
  9. Suke996

    35's vs 33's any big differences?

    Tire size comparison on the 285/70/17 and 315/70/17.
  10. Suke996

    Great Southern Bronco Deal!

    I don't know for sure if it's the right person, but can't be too many Marvin's in Louisiana working at dealerships that would rat out another dealer. Would certainly be nice to find out.
  11. Suke996

    Great Southern Bronco Deal!

    There is a Marvin Turner listed as a salesman at a Jeep dealership in Louisiana.
  12. Suke996

    Great Southern Bronco Deal!

    Technically the dealership didn't post it as an advertisement, a member here just past along the information. Honda went through this same crao from shit ass dealers trying to rat out deals posted on a private forum. Honda has MAP (minimum advertised pricing) on new vehicles and the Honda...
  13. Suke996

    First Edition Buyers! What color are you choosing?

    Navy Pier is killing the FE, which I’m calling the Failure Edition. The Bronco in itself is badass, but the FE missed the mark on multiple levels. We’re probably going with a different trim level.
  14. Suke996

    Guys, I think my wife just talked me out of my Badlands build... And into a Wildtrak

    Happy Man, Happy Clan.... you better rein that woman in and, oh never mind, Yes Dear!!!!!!!!
  15. Suke996

    Anyone Delaying Their Order?

    Delaying and maybe canceling.
  16. Suke996

    Ford Updates Bronco Reservation and Product FAQ

    So they parade around a Bronco Overland concept but can't actually build it due to GVWR? Sounds like they over promised and underachieved. The Bronco might be a capable vehicle but only in the stripped down versions.
  17. Suke996

    More Interior Options & Colors -- Ford CEO Farley is listening to Bronco6g members!

    Hopefully Jim takes a look at this gem and has a sit down with the team: Mold in Color Gray Top Gloss Black bumpers Black Fender Flares Black Door handles Black Mirrors Cyber Orange exterior Navy Pier interior All on a $65,000 First Edition Definitely won't be my show piece to parade...
  18. Suke996

    More Interior Options & Colors -- Ford CEO Farley is listening to Bronco6g members!

    A CEO is only as good as the people that surround him/her. Currently the Bronco group is a failure, little harsh as the Bronco is definitely a sweet machine but the launch was a failure, the interior color is a failure, lack of color choices on the FE is a failure, Build and Price is a...
  19. Suke996

    First Edition Bronco Thread

    The "FE" will now be dubbed the "Failure Edition". Only reason they added Lightning Blue late to the game is to try and salvage the "Navy Pier" interior. None of the other exterior colors will go well with "Navy Pier". Let's look at this Frankenstein "Failure Edition". MIC Gray top, Black...
  20. Suke996

    Anyone Now on the Bronco Fence or Totally Off It Now that the B&P is Out?

    On the fence and will be looking at other vehicles. This has been an interesting process and an unlikable one at that. No X-plan Navy Pier Modular painted top issue Build and Price prices and flaws. In all likelihood, the Bronco delivers will probably be pushed out until Fall of 2021 as...