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  1. Black Diamond Bronco (Shadow Black) Side Shot and Interior

    That is a Ford guy buttering up his salesman for quick delivery :-)
  2. ⊙⊙ What size tires do you want? ⊙⊙

    I’m still not positive but I Want the 33 inch tires if they look right but if not I want 35 inch tires. decent pictures are starting to come out now with a Sideview of the different models but I still feel like I need to see them in person to judge. I said it before I just don’t want it to...
  3. Spotted: 4-Door Carbonized Gray Badlands on 33's

    You might be right on this
  4. Black Diamond Bronco (Shadow Black) Side Shot and Interior

    This is the BD side view shot I’ve been waiting to see! Thanks!
  5. Maximum Tire Size (Big Bend)

    Big Bend diameter is 32.1” Black Diamond is 31.6 “ In my mind there isn’t much of a difference between the Big Bend tire and 33” tire, but who knows that might be too much I guess you would also need to consider how the width of the tire would fit
  6. Two oddball answers for which I searched and no joy.

    Lol You may be right 13:54 is where I saw it. Must have heard it wrong
  7. Two oddball answers for which I searched and no joy.

    #1 think I saw somewhere that the color on the inside of the door that matches the outside paint is actually the door. The interior panel allows a place for it to show
  8. New Photos: Area 51 Badlands in the Snow!

    This might help... or not lol
  9. SEMA Special Live Stream Bronco Q&A

    Hence why he says you are getting a “package” also I’m interpreting what’s being said differently than many others. I’m hearing that the Badlands ride height is basically the same as the other models (only 10mm difference) and the Sasquatch suspension raises the ride height of any model it’s...
  10. SEMA Special Live Stream Bronco Q&A

    That’s the “impression “ they gave. I’m thinking the changed out fender has a squared off look and was cut higher gave the Sasquatch package a totally different look. Who knows really though :-)
  11. Why go Sasquatch when Badlands 4.70 is Same ?

    I agree I don’t need a massive bro machine, but I do want it to look like a Bronco and not a soft top SUV
  12. SEMA Special Live Stream Bronco Q&A

    So ignore the insignificant 10mm for a moment So would it be safe to say that all models from base to badlands has the same suspension height? And ride height is dependent on tire size? And the Sasquatch package will add 1.5” suspension lift to any model?
  13. Side View of 4 Door Comparison Photos

    I’ve seen one, but it needs to be farther back show the whole side
  14. Side View of 4 Door Comparison Photos

    I really need a side view of the new Black Diamond pic with the door closed :-)
  15. Manual Bronco rock crawling by Vaughn Gittin Jr

    Its a great overall rig. It may not have the crazy flex of some solid axle rigs, but it looks like it made it through. It can also hit the trails at speed without a crazy death wobble :-) or even track straight down the road and hit a pothole without the death wobble...
  16. The stupid questions thread

    When you change tire size, what is effected? Gearing True speed on speedometer Miles to empty calculation?
  17. Area 51 color shifting concerns

    I currently own a truck with the Magma Red color. I feel like many of the colors are similar to Magma Red in that they’re made to change in different lighting. No single picture or video will really show what the color will look like all the time.
  18. Thinking About Ordering a 2 Door? - Watch this video!

    I think the 2 and 4 door both look great. Each has its very own vibe that’s different than the other. I’m in agreement with many that you can get away with a smaller tire on the two door and it seems a four-door needs a much larger tire to look right. For me it’s the four-door with easier...
  19. Late Availability List

    Is Velocity Blue late availability?