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  1. Catmandu

    The color we should have gotten

    Ironically Bixwood green would look decent with the MIC top.
  2. Catmandu

    4DR, Soft vs Hard top

    Yeah, my thoughts exactly. Although, I've seen it open differently....See first post of my thread on the soft top:
  3. Catmandu

    Possible Bronco Soft Top Rear Opening Feature Pic! + Carbonized Gray Badlands

    Adding this pic to the discussion: The flip feature seems to be versatile in that is still works with the top in sun-rider position. This back windows are going to take a beating though.
  4. Catmandu

    4DR, Soft vs Hard top

    Saw this earlier on Facebook: This is the clearest pic I have seen of the rear lift capability. It appears to still function even in the sun-rider position. While it look goofy, I can tell you this is a nice feature compared to my JKU.
  5. Catmandu

    Anyone else thinking of painting the alloy beauty ring?

    It all depends on how you plan on using your Bronco....If you plan to offroad, take a look at the test mules....most of the black rings are pretty jacked. The ring is designed to take the abuse, when painted/powder coated this abuse will be a lot more obvious.
  6. Catmandu

    First Edition Bronco (Pre-Production) with Rear Cupholders Spotted

    It is definitely the closet thing we have seen to an FE, but still a preproduction example....No FE badge and no hardtop. All else seems representative....Navy Pier, Bull Bar, Hood and Door Decals.
  7. Catmandu

    Dealer in FL will sell you any Bronco today with VIN’s already!

    @noahr I completely understand Mullinax's desire to promote the Bronco. However, this is a clear example of the kind of crap that give dealerships a bad wrap. Rule of thumb.....if you need to defend a move using fine print it will be viewed as shady, especially when fake VINS are used.
  8. Catmandu

    First Edition Bronco (Pre-Production) with Rear Cupholders Spotted

    Yeah, I think they would have been better off limiting the exterior color options to those that complimented the interior. They still would have took some heat, but at least it would have appeared they had a plan.
  9. Catmandu

    New Limited Edition Bronco Every Year???

    The special editions can be a double edged the 2014 Jeep Dragon Edition.
  10. Catmandu

    Ford SEMA Show

    I am sure most the concepts we have seen will be featured. I believe SEMA is virtual this year, so they may not al have to be in the same place. The OBX Fishing Guide Concept was in Michigan yesterday, I can't imagine that one would get left out.
  11. Catmandu

    Ford SEMA Show

    Since it is SEMA, I am hoping we will see some 3rd party accessories that will be available at delivery.
  12. Catmandu

    First Edition Bronco (Pre-Production) with Rear Cupholders Spotted

    I stand corrected. This is what shows on the Ford website for the FE: The option still show on the OBX up through the Wildtrak:
  13. Catmandu

    First Edition Bronco (Pre-Production) with Rear Cupholders Spotted

    Right now it appears this may only be available on the FE. I originally thought this would be part of the leather packages, but I only see the 8 cup holders showing on the FE.
  14. Catmandu

    First Edition Bronco (Pre-Production) with Rear Cupholders Spotted

    They are in the center armrest.....folded up in this picture. We haven't seen this since the earlier pre production models.
  15. Catmandu

    First Edition Bronco (Pre-Production) with Rear Cupholders Spotted

    The dash doesn't bother me at all, kinda like it.....but NOT with the red exterior. Would look sharp with silver or oxford white.
  16. Catmandu

    First Edition Bronco (Pre-Production) with Rear Cupholders Spotted

    Also the hood decals and what appears to be the Navy Pier interior.
  17. Catmandu

    LAST CALL: Badlands 33” vs. 35” (Pros & Cons) Worth the upgrade to 35” tires?

    Just like most of the other concepts, the Overland concept added to the confusion. Prior to its unveiling, I believe we all thought the only thing the Sasquatch package added to the BL was the 35" wheel/tire combo. The pre-production non-sas examples seem to appear to include the "high...
  18. Catmandu

    CRC (or equivalent) Cleaners?

    Car and Driver did a test on how the octane differences affected the F150. There are also documented cases where the higher octane helped towing gas mileage a bit more as well. Whether or not the...
  19. Catmandu

    Bronco bottle opener has been located

    I agree, it seems like they used the more seasoned and mature designers on the Sport. Most of what I have seen on the Sport is well thought out. The actual usefulness of the roll bar location is piss poor at best, especially for us that prefer the soft top. When the soft top of fully...