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  1. Ft. Worth Rob

    Found the Car That I'll be Cancelling My Reservation For

    Breast lookin’ truck I’ve seen in a while but I hear it has no leg or thigh room.
  2. Ft. Worth Rob

    Important In-Vehicle Refrigerator Questions

    Here’s what they showed in the 4 door overland concept at Bronco Super Celebration East. ARB
  3. Ft. Worth Rob

    Greetings from San Diego! You stay classy now

    Dr. Chim Richalds, is that you? 🤣. It’s so damn hot...milk was a bad choice. Anchorman is classic. So many good lines. Welcome!
  4. Ft. Worth Rob

    Detailing Time

    Optimum no rinse wash & shine on my wife’s X7 that has Optimum Paint Guard ceramic coating and anal-retentive about my microfiber mitts and towels. Only two gallons of water per wash, no dried on soap if it’s sunny and warm and no water dripping from body lines forever. That BMW Arctic Grey...
  5. Ft. Worth Rob

    BEER! 🍺

    I’m with you on not liking IPA and while I can’t corroborate the gym sock story, I like the hyperbole 😀. I’m sensitive to bitter flavors and everybody has different flavor receptors that affect their perception of sweet, sour, salty, bitter flavors. That said, IPA is the shelf stable ranch...
  6. Ft. Worth Rob

    What song will you be playing in first drive of your Bronco?

    Here’s her Ford but I couldn’t find her. I had to stop there myself driving back from CA to TX. YUUUGE Eagles fan here.
  7. Ft. Worth Rob

    Are Raised White Lettering on Tires back?

    Leno’s has RWL BF Goodrich tires. I think with retro steel wheels and just the white outline it works. Forgive the crap “photoshop” job.k
  8. Ft. Worth Rob

    Big Bend state park documentary

    You’re right. I’m a dumba$$. I was seeing that the documentary was put on by Texas Parks & Wildlife and wasn’t paying attention, even after the documentary explained how Amon Carter went to FDR to make it a national park. Short term memory issues! Thanks for the correction. 😊
  9. Ft. Worth Rob

    Big Bend state park documentary

    I happened to receive this in the daily email I receive from Texas Monthly. It’s a short documentary narrated by Peter Coyote that I found interesting and thought I’d share.
  10. Ft. Worth Rob

    This must mean that Leather includes power seats right?!

    My X7 second row seats are power and tilt up and out of the way to get to the third row. Granted it’s a more expensive vehicle. I want a two door. Hope I’ll get to sit in one to see if my 6’3” overweight frame will be comfortable.
  11. Ft. Worth Rob

    Katzkins confirms they'll have full leather seat covers

    Here’s what Katzkin sent me based off a Ranger for front and back seats. Seems reasonable for leather vs what Ford is charging. They disable the factory heat to install theirs if you get their heat/cool option.
  12. Ft. Worth Rob

    What happened to the optional power seats in front (10-way for driver and 8-way for passenger)?

    Plenty of two door coupes with back seats in this world with power front seats. I’ve asked Ford why no power on the two door but haven’t seen a response.
  13. Ft. Worth Rob

    Anyone Changing Color Due to MIC Top Announcement?

    That would be an unfortunate color combo. Granted, this was the modification I made to my rental car’s plate after I picked it up in Columbus to drive to Ann Arbor last November for The Game.
  14. Ft. Worth Rob

    Sneaky B&P stuff...

    $1800 for a light bar sounds really excessive, doesn’t it? It isn’t like it states that price includes the roof rails that it mounts on. I know it’s old news but the logic of no power seats with leather in the two door but you get them in the four door makes no sense.
  15. Ft. Worth Rob


    Tucked unless it’s a hot sandwich- especially an Italian/Grinder then spread the meat out. You’ve got to keep it a thin layer for all of that fat to get enough heat to melt out of the salami, etc.! Subway sandwich artists always look at me crossed-eyed when I ask them to spread the meat. 😀
  16. Ft. Worth Rob

    Texas Buyers Group: THE OFFER & THE DEALERSHIP – Finally!

    FWIW When I switched on Friday I was told I could not switch again.
  17. Ft. Worth Rob

    Filson Bronco Concept Teased by Ford

    I’m curious. If Jeep did a Filson edition, why would Ford? Eddie Bauer is based in WA also and was part of the Bronco and Bronco II back in the ‘80’s.
  18. Ft. Worth Rob

    What aftermarket wheels for 2021+ Bronco do you want?

    You’ve sold me on the 35 inch Conestoga’s in natural Ash.
  19. Ft. Worth Rob

    Help on interior room for 6’8” height

    Here’s a truck I saw yesterday that might fit you. If Ford has Sasquatch, I’m not sure what you call this. Grey Whale?