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  1. More Oxford White 4D Preproduction Badlands

    I'm thinking... buy a white bronco, get the painted roof... trade it to "colored" bronco's for $5K and a MIC roof.
  2. Dealer saying only 50% of reservations will be filled in 2021

    I was sad when this whole post didn't rhyme... try harder "The only truth we know... at a really high level... is that Bronco people, are like birds of a feather"
  3. Is This A New Mystery (Green) Bronco at Super Celebration East? (Not the Overland Area 51)

    This would explain why there is no Green version currently available. And no, I couldn't even talk the wife into getting me a Filson T Shirt.
  4. Antimatter Blue Bronco Preproduction First Look! 4 Door Big Bend Model

    Folks, they don't crash test 30 cars, or 10 cars... simulators do that, then a few get blown up to prove it out for government requirements - that's not why they are building this many. These are getting built to get an idea of areas of improvements. Like that soft top... Ford didn't "create"...
  5. Toyota Tacoma production moving to Mexico, from the US

    Question is where the new 4Runner will be made. Expecting change...
  6. Oxford White Base 2-Door with keypad and mud flaps (off production line)

    Used mine quite a bit at the beach. And no, this isn't how its been done lately. My 2016 F150 and even my now gone 2009 Ford Flex have it integrated/hidden/padless into the black B Pillar.
  7. Tool: Color Blend Your Own Bronco Sasquatch For Vinyl Wrap Ideas and Future Colors

    Green certainly doesn’t sell well when there isn’t even an option. Ford trucks have always had a green option. These selections where most are just an extension of existing ones show a lack of thought on what offroading folks want. I’d take Green Gem, don’t have to dive back too far in Ford...
  8. Lightning Blue not exclusive to the First Edition afterall??

    Photo 22 in that series on their website shows Cyber Orange on the Big Bend going thru snow. Not supposed to be a color option on that trim.
  9. PICS: BASE Bronco in Iconic Silver - completed preproduction model

    The flares and grill will be the easiest things to replace, paint or modify. Adding underbody protection can be done after purchase. Don’t like the top? Take it off! (or get the 4 door)
  10. Getrag Transmission: German or Chinese?

    I own a 2012 Mustang GT with the manual MT82 transmission. Never had an issue although I’m not doubting others did. The fact that lawyers found 364 complaints and filed a class action lawsuit is not surprising but that means nothing in reality. There are probably about 100k happy owners that...
  11. Does the 2.7L Ecoboost require premium gas?

    The 2.7L in my F150 neither requires nor suggests premium. As far as I know, I own 4 Fords 2012+, all Fords now are capless.
  12. Today should be the day the interior packages are shown.

    Which color is my favorite? I’ll go with the green grass color or the green leaves color.
  13. Hesitant to Order Before Test Drive?

    After sitting in a Jeep this morning I have significant concerns. I’m 6’3” and couldn’t easily slide in the door (33” tires). Adjusted the seat all the way down and couldn’t get a comfortable position without hitting my head on either the side bar or the midbrace. Looks like Bronco won’t have...
  14. More Q&A from Bronco Super Celebration West (by multiple sources)

    That is the active drain in the Bronco. When water level gets this high inside inside the cab the bilge pump turns on and drains thru this hole. :~}
  15. How many Fords have you owned in the past?

    Eleven I believe. 84 Ford Van that technically was my family handdown in 1989-90 until my mom needed the money and sold it. Replaced with old Celica then new Accord that was replaced with Mercury Milan (stick) then 2012 Mustang GT (stick) then added 2019 Fusion (great new car value right now...
  16. Any theories on why BASE 4-DR has automatic as standard?

    Because the Base 2door is selling at a price point without regard to earning a margin desirable for ROI. By adding a Auto to 4Dr or other options on 2Dr they at least will bump up the margin dollars some on all other other Base Broncos.
  17. Potential Package (+ Sasquatch) Pricing Previewed in Bronco Reservation Survey Email

    Yes this launch is more important then the 1977 Cutlass Supreme. But the 1981 Cutlass Supreme launch was way more important. That car body had to have been most sold American car in the 80’s. Every other family had one in beige.
  18. Potential Package (+ Sasquatch) Pricing Previewed in Bronco Reservation Survey Email

    Trying to keep my costs down by just getting a rig I like. But what do I like? Below pic is options for me based on Granger Pricing X plan plus MSRP estimates for options. If I get the OuterBanks I want the 6cyl and Lux Package. But I'd be happy with the 4cyl and Manual for two doors. Same goes...