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  1. Panmort

    Anybody not make a reservation?

    Welp, looks like I might end up waiting. My car will last a good while, anyway, and I'm not paying anything on it.
  2. Panmort

    2021 Bronco delivery now "targeted to begin June 2021" and possibly into 2022

    I'm mad at myself for not reserving the first day or two. :cautious:
  3. Panmort

    2021 Bronco delivery now "targeted to begin June 2021" and possibly into 2022

    Damn. Is it worth it to reserve at this point, or just wait it out?
  4. Panmort

    Rapid Red and Cactus Gray Previewed on Bronco Sport

    Cactus Gray looking pretty good..:unsure:
  5. Panmort

    2021 Bronco Options and Equipment by Trim [Comparison Chart]

    Isn't Apple Carplay standard on Sync 4? Pretty sure I remember seeing someone from Ford comment on that mistake.
  6. Panmort

    2021 Bronco Dealers: No-ADM, X-Plans & Special Discounts Master List

    Robinson Brothers in Baton Rouge, LA claims no ADM and they have a $200 document fee that's "across all vehicles."
  7. Panmort

    Big Bend Bronco Thread

    Most likely going 4-door BB, manual, hard-top and mid package (depending on price). I still haven't made a reservation...and at this point I'm not sure if I should just wait until the build and price tool is out to see exactly what I'd be getting with each model.
  8. Panmort

    First Look at Soft Top in Half Open Position on 2021 Bronco (4 Door)

    Not a fan at all. Unless the hard top is somehow too cost prohibitive, I’m opting for that with the 4 door.
  9. Panmort

    2021 BRONCO PRICE LIST – MSRP & Dealer Invoice Pricing

    Any guesses as to what the hard top for a 4-door will cost? Soft top is a big no for me.
  10. Panmort

    SO MANY QUESTIONS! How about some answers?

    Oh well. I’d rather know exactly what my options are. If I have to I’ll hunt for something at a dealership and travel for it.
  11. Panmort

    SO MANY QUESTIONS! How about some answers?

    Yup, the lack of concrete details has pushed me to waiting on reserving until the build tool or more reliable info is out.
  12. Panmort

    (debunked lol) android auto not available on base bronco

    Thank goodness that’s the case. I was going to go up a trim possibly just so I could get CarPlay.
  13. Panmort

    Spotted: Base Bronco + Sasquatch Package, with underhood engine shot (Cyber Orange)

    Yeah, these pictures make me feel better if I decide to not get the larger screen.
  14. Panmort

    Outer Banks Bronco Thread

    Wanting the 12 inch screen might also push me to a higher trim, hah.
  15. Panmort

    Base Model Bronco Thread

    That doesn't sound accurate. I'm pretty sure it's just you can't get the manual with the 2.7L.
  16. Panmort

    Base Model Bronco Thread

    Are there any pictures of the interior for the base, or the non high package screen?
  17. Panmort

    Bronco6G Live Reveal Viewing Party (With Giveaways)! 🥳

    Whoops, just realized I PMed some guy named Chrispy instead of this totally unrelated dealership account for details.