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  1. We All Have Something to be Thankful for - Ford Bronco

    The worst part in trying to get one is dealing with the bots. You can get them in the cart hit next step and it gets stolen from you.
  2. Black Diamond, WilkTrak & Bronco Sport...Oh my!! 😃👍🏼

    Why is everyone bitching about the top. Anygood paint shop can paint it or wrap it
  3. Official Wallpapers and Video: Bronco Badlands Sasquatch 2-Door SEMA Concept

    Ford should offer that decal for the wildtrak
  4. Granger Ford - to our current reservation holders

    I thought Ford was only filling 50% of each dealers allocation
  5. B&P #s

    So your Broncos will sit at granger until they have enough to ship to Atlanta?
  6. B&P #s

    The point is shop around for the best deal and the highest probability of getting allocation. $1000 is real money savings. Grangers cost model for the bronco is much like a commodity based market where the more they sell the more they make. It’s working for them and I’m glad as consumers win...
  7. Minnesota Dealer Recommendation?

    They are selling them for MSRP less $1000. They would never sell for $1000 less than invoice.
  8. B&P #s

    Granger is doing good business, but you are still paying MSRP less Granger's discount. Still have to pay tax, title, license.
  9. Demo at dealers

    I was in for a 15k service at Morries Minnetonka and they said they intend on having two demo units for their reservation holders to look at over the coming months. Anyone else hearing this from local dealers ? They also claim they have the most reservations in the metro. No idea how they have...
  10. Conversion Percentage from Bronco Reservations to Bronco Sold Orders

    my guess is most of the servations were for the lower end models
  11. Area 51 color shifting concerns

    It will change with light. Blue to teal.
  12. Why buy now and settle instead of waiting??

    Agree. Go have it painted if you are that distressed
  13. Why buy now and settle instead of waiting??

    No white top, no black top, don’t like the color. Can we move on with that ? Whining about it isn’t going to change it. Don’t order. More for the rest of us.
  14. Morries Minnetonka Ford

    Why wouldn’t they give us their pricing
  15. So... We ordering our Bronco's in a few weeks?

    I got 20mpg with a explorer st. I gotta figure this will get at least that
  16. Number of Bronco Reservations in the First week or so

    70% is a pipe dream for ford at this point. The options and costs associated with getting your exact configuration price a lot of folks out of the market.
  17. No sport mode for the Badlands?

    Someone will figure out how to hack this
  18. What "Bronco Swag" has your dealer sent you?

    Nothing . They kept it all for themselves
  19. Number of Bronco Reservations in the First week or so

    Yea they jumped the queue here as reservation place said all 8 in front of me were employees