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  1. shieldsy

    Bronco Soft Top how-to video -- folding, removing and window removal

    Wanna help me take my 79 Bronco top off?
  2. shieldsy

    Re-Watch the Online Presentation of the Bronco Badlands Sasquatch 2-Door SEMA Concept

    Also, this was the first time I have seen tube doors 'portrayed' on a 4 door. Did I miss this previously? Is there a non-CGI example out in the wild? I have no doubt that I personally will keep 100s of aftermarket companies in business. This Bronco is going to cost me a hell of a lot more...
  3. shieldsy

    Re-Watch the Online Presentation of the Bronco Badlands Sasquatch 2-Door SEMA Concept

    Would love to see the exact process and timeline for removing the quarters. If we were to believe 'You Betcha, Kelly', its as easy as leaving a few hours early on Friday...changing quarters, flares, tires...then getting back into your daily driver clothes on Sunday night. If it is that...
  4. shieldsy

    Bronco Badlands Sasquatch 2-Door SEMA Concept – First Live Pics! [Updated With Specs / Mods List]

    Now THIS is a great comparison that almost all of us at 6G can get behind. Forget eating our own and comparing the looks of the 2 versus 4 door Bronco. That is apples and oranges. Compare 2 door off road vehicle to 2 door off road vehicle. Winner of $10 is clearly the Jeep Wrangler.
  5. shieldsy

    Race Red Outer Banks Sasquatch | Navy Pier Interior Seats

    Thx for the pics. What was the trim of the 4dr you sat in?
  6. shieldsy

    Can’t decide- 2 or 4 door

    Just like obviously need one of each.
  7. shieldsy

    Bronco Badlands Sasquatch 2-Door SEMA Concept – First Live Pics! [Updated With Specs / Mods List]

    Soft top looks good on the 2 door. Would like to see it with the side panels on.
  8. shieldsy

    Got email from my dealer that I can place order now

    All dealership team members here at 6G really need to up their game. Looks like this dealer has a special order hotline direct to Ford. No WBDO needed.
  9. shieldsy

    New Limited Edition Bronco Every Year???

    Heritage Line. One retro color cycling each year, white grill and top. This isn’t rocket surgery Ford.
  10. shieldsy

    4-door Bronco = 4X4 Explorer??

    I really feel bad that people buying the two door Bronco have to suffer through the peasants in their Bronco Sports and 4 door Broncos. Isn't there an old Econoline that those undesirables could just be happy with? Ford should just build the two door Bronco with man\V8\SFA in my favorite...
  11. shieldsy

    Anyone's dealer requiring large ($1k) deposit?

    Not sure where you are going with this...or what client you are referring to. I wrote the post you are responding to in early Aug when only the $100 deposit was required. I was arguing for increasing the deposit required to ensure more Broncos got to the people who were actually going to...
  12. shieldsy

    Area51 W/ White Accents questions

    You fell victim to one of the classic blunders....the most famous of which is “Never get involved in a land war in Asia”... but only slightly less well known is this: “Never believe Ford Marketing, when ordering a '21 Bronco is on the line” !
  13. shieldsy

    Probably buy used before July 4th

    Pretty reasonable prediction. I agree with it.....until your conclusion at the end of your post. YOU shouldn't be surprised by what the Bronco is and what it isn't. You are not one of the unwashed masses who don't know what a Bronco is all about. You should already feel confident that it...
  14. shieldsy

    Granger Ford - Questions on Bronco ordering and other FAQ's

    Stock market advice. Iowa football betting advice. Google sheets IT advice. Best way to prioritize a list advice. This thread has something for everybody!
  15. shieldsy

    Let's help each other get the best auto loan finance interest rates

    How about we focus on helping each other as the OP intended?!? Let’s identify the best deals available across terms and credit scores regardless if you personally feel that: - you wouldn’t have a car loan that long - your uncle Morty can give you a .0002% personal loan - you can pay cash for...
  16. shieldsy

    Would You Seriously Consider Green?

    It really isn’t that hard Ford. Follow the easy steps below (no industrial design interns needed!) 1) Select a Bronco heritage color that cycles every year. 2) Make a heritage green your first year heritage color. 3) Keep the color unique to the FSB line. 4) Sell with white lid and grill...