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  1. sbledsoe

    What’s your bronco backup plan?

    Most definitely going to be rust red with a white top! #we'relistening #B&P
  2. sbledsoe

    What’s your bronco backup plan?

    Divorce and a vintage 1980's van down by the river!
  3. sbledsoe

    The Void

    I started planning a two week vacation to coincide with my delivery, but that's a bit difficult when you're not sure of delivery date. So I'll make 3 or 4 plans and execute accordingly. I am researching trails in my area and surrounding states. As well as 4x4 clubs I could join.
  4. sbledsoe

    Granger Ford - Out of state customers

    Yes they do. It will cost you $45.
  5. sbledsoe

    What will the kids remember more?

    My dad had a 79 bronco. Two tone brown. My parents had just divorced and we would take the top off the bronco and head to the national forest fire lanes. Dad would be playing Willie nelson "blue skies" as he refilled his cup with the magical and bottomless coke in that brown paper bag under his...
  6. sbledsoe

    Spotted: 2 Door Bronco Towing Trailer

    I hope you're right! That would be awesome if the tow capacity was bumped up to 5,000lbs. That's really the only complaint I have at this time. But it still won't be a deal breaker for me. I'm buying one regardless. 😉
  7. sbledsoe

    Airstream Basecamp

    We're looking at the epro 19fd. Won't purchase it until 2022 though. That 3500lbs towing capacity limits your selection for sure.
  8. sbledsoe

    The wave

  9. sbledsoe

    The wave

    I'll be to busy watching my fancy digital dash, 12"screen, not to mention pushing the buttons on the dash and twisting the knob for goat modes!! Wave??? Hell I'll be lucky to keep it in my lane and not miss my turn. Lol
  10. sbledsoe

    Bronco Reservation Stats From 5k+ Preorders on Bronco6G Tracker

    I think the percentage of reservations to orders will be at best 50%. Not for the members of this forum, but in general. And then you have to factor in those that made multiple reservations but will only order one Bronco. So if you take 50% of 200,000 you end up with 100,000. If they can...
  11. sbledsoe

    Must have DIOs...?

    Probably none. But if any, I'd get the slide out tailgate. I won't be in a hurry for accessories, so I'll shop the aftermarket once it gets rolling. Besides I'll still be checking this forum for reviews etc on available accessories and go from there.
  12. sbledsoe

    Wife says Badlands on 33s is too small for off-road 😲

    My wife loves the Bronco and told me to order what I wanted. She said you deserve it. I couldn't agree more! Lol Initially, I was going to try and keep it around 45k, but then I joined this forum and that has gone to shit. Now I'm leaning towards the BL, squatch, modular top, high package...
  13. sbledsoe

    Last demand for supercel east people. Dogs in the 2 door

    Not to be a smart ass, but sounds like you just answered your own question.
  14. sbledsoe

    Is This A New Mystery (Green) Bronco at Super Celebration East? (Not the Overland Area 51)

    Probably curse and rant for hours as my internet has been down since last night due to delta! Well mostly because sparklight sucks but I digress. I'll be driving to McDonald's to use their WiFi! Lol
  15. sbledsoe

    Is This A New Mystery (Green) Bronco at Super Celebration East? (Not the Overland Area 51)

    And free purple bronco testies hanging from the hitch. Lol
  16. sbledsoe

    Best Bronco for Cowboy Boots?!

    I'm doing a new related poll and changing it to Crocs!! Lol
  17. sbledsoe

    The Dog Thread

    The things hank endures for my granddaughters enjoyment! Lol He's a great dog around kids. Never once has he growled or snipped at anyone. Even those putting pink wigs on him. I'm pretty sure he wasn't enjoying this. He's a better man than me.... Lol