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  1. Norville

    Why not more choices with the manual transmission?

    Unpopular opinion (at least on forums ... ). Manuals on trucks / trail rigs are over-rated.
  2. Norville

    Why buy now and settle instead of waiting??

    Because I may be dead in a year. I'm not getting any younger. Just enjoy life.
  3. Norville

    Best 45k build

    I've been in this camp for pricing and know I can get a fully loaded 2 door Black Diamond under $45k (with the 2.7, etc.) Does not include any 'squatch to keep it budget or also aftermarket easily added items such as the winch. I opted for no roof rails (even though super cheap) as I didn't...
  4. Norville

    Black Diamond Bronco (Shadow Black) Side Shot and Interior

    Thanks either way. Those concepts and all pictures I've seen in detail of the top of the dash where the rail go are all Bandlands, Outer Banks, and Wild Track ... all those have the ability to get High and Lux. I've seen nothing for those limited to Mid or lower packages. Keeping those...
  5. Norville

    Black Diamond Bronco (Shadow Black) Side Shot and Interior

    Thanks for the pics. Any chance he could take a picture of the dash looking at the area where the rail / power outlet would be on upper models? I'm very interested in the "mod"-ability to add those / check on compatibility.
  6. Norville

    Spotted: 4-Door Carbonized Gray Badlands on 33's

    Need more Black Diamond and lower trim pics. Most posts are OB/BL/WT.
  7. Norville

    Official Wallpapers and Video: Bronco Badlands Sasquatch 2-Door SEMA Concept

    The real question is does it / will it ever exist on Black Diamond and lower trims. I haven't seen it on any. The mounting provisions seem to be "secret".
  8. Norville

    Black Diamond vs Badlands

    I was / am in the same boat. I could care less / use the front sway bar or even the lighting. I only wanted the adaptive cruise control. In the end, it would cost over an additional $10k to get BL with Lux vs. BD with Mid, after taxes. So, leaning towards giving up on adaptive - which is a...
  9. Norville

    Black Diamond vs Badlands

    Appears to be the same except more items are baked into BL (such as the signature lighting / headlights and tailights) and the front disconnect you mentioned. It also "unlocks" higher option packages. Otherwise, it's hard to say since there isn't much info available beyond those basic items...
  10. Norville

    Factory Delivery Program?

    Never will happen - it's a money grab.
  11. Norville

    Missing cup holders found!?

    It's not missing - rear seat passengers will be thankful they're even along for the ride (and maybe an occasional air vent pointed towards them).
  12. Norville

    Ford giving the new EV F150 Max Recline Seats.

    Looks pretty cool. Even nice when I leave the office to get away from the pleebs to catch a few zzz's instead of "lunch".
  13. Norville

    Test Drove 2.3L Ranger & 2.7L in F150 and was disappointed... Options to improve off the line?

    I have an Escape as a work vehicle and it has the same hard button to turn off the start stop ... ?
  14. Norville

    Is the Lux package really worth $2,300? Or is High the way to go??

    If you already planned on BL, then I see why not. However, if you were doing BD ... then you need $8k after taxes for a comparable OB or $11k to step up to BL because the interior is so horrible on the OB.
  15. Norville

    Almost there...

    OK, Phil?
  16. Norville

    Probably buy used before July 4th

    I'm sure you're not too far off-base. I may even be in that camp - it's hard to know without actual usage (I ended up being in the opposite group wishing my Disco was a bit more capable - although, I did love the off-roading I did do in it). I missed out on a 1995 Defender (got the Discovery...
  17. Norville

    Photo of Blacked Out BD 2dr Sasquatch .. Is this top Black or MIC ?

    Definitely MIC, under light. But no question, at least in my mind.
  18. Norville

    Is the towing capacity really that bad?

    Yes. I seems to be naturally a deliberate launch decision - but it is a definite miss and could be accommodated, albeit with some compromises that could be baked into the different versions.
  19. Norville

    Photos: Rapid Red Black Diamond 2dr Sasquatch In the woods

    Need indoor / dash / layout photos of Black Diamond or lower trims please ...