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  1. Losing my mind! BB or BD

    There will be custom fit seat covers for BB from aftermarket. MGV sounds hot and sticky. Waterproof and washable seat covers sounds niiicce. Design the colors of covers however you want.
  2. The Last Person to Post in this Thread Wins

    Effifty eff eff Levine effing piece of mic az top bunch of effing eff eff az bull chit Chet. no white unless you buy white braptor. What the effity eff eff and then what the eff kind fake az no green cactus gray kind of eff is that? Doesnt effing exist on the effing color wheel. End this az...
  3. Rethinking the 2-Door

    I would jump on the 4dr could tow anything besides a utility trailer with a push lawnmower on it. :rolleyes:
  4. Shopping the Stephens deal around locally

    The problem I see for these dealers offering to match a few select dealers who have gone with the below invoice strategy is that their name will be plastered all over the internet and every buyer in the future will walk in with their hand out expecting $1300 below invoice. I'm not in the car...
  5. What are you cross-shopping the Bronco against?

    I’m cross shopping against investing $3500 in my 2018 F150 FX4. New wheels, tires, leveling kit, fancy seat covers and maybe a tune now that I’m out of warranty.
  6. Official Paint Samples / Swatches For 2021 Ford Bronco Have Arrived. Cactus Gray = Jet Fighter Gray

    Thx for pictures. Indoor looks good. Outdoor - doesn’t laying all the samples on what looks to be blacktop concrete outside skew colors? Maybe a more neutral background or suspend the samples ??
  7. 165k Reservations might be the 2021 cut off and a tall order to fulfill.

    I want mine, but many things seem to point that it would likely be better to buy one in 2023 when there are more colors and options that become standard vs packaged in a way that.....
  8. Bronco Build & Price latest update: “by September” includes September

    It was a joke to make light of the juvenile choice of words from a Ford stuff....cooler... ;)
  9. Bronco Build & Price latest update: “by September” includes September

    Cool stuff....means integrated Yeti that is MIC and hidden beneath rear floor. It will be a wide and shallow cooler design that won't affect ground clearance but will be adquate for cans and bottles and ice. The reason for the delay is that the rear floor of said Bronco will include a molded...
  10. What aftermarket wheels for 2021+ Bronco do you want?

    What about a baby moon disc in the center of the BD Steelies? Maybe a body colored disc or white or ??
  11. You seasoned Ford Guys: your opinion on the 2.3 Turbo?

    Here is an odd-er comparison. We have a 2013 Toyota Highland V6 that weighs about 4250lbs with 270hp/250lb torque (rounded). It pulls hard and will scoot from 0-60 in about 6.5 seconds. Bronco 2.3 is 270hp/310lb torque with 2dr weight similar to Highlander. I think it will be plenty of...
  12. Second Thoughts on Manual Transmission

    Would driving a base Mustang 2.3 with manual be a good sample of expected feel of clutch and shifter or think set up very differently vs what will be in Bronco?
  13. You're Invited to Join the Texas Bronco Volume Buyer's Group [Groupbuy]

    Curious...are you taking the approach of moving everyone to one dealer or perhaps find multiple dealers (ideally in various parts of state) that could be guaranteed at least X # of the Texas reservations? I'm in, hopeful and thankful for the efforts.
  14. 2023 Bronco Raptor further confirmed by Ford engineer profile

    How much more can they really do to "Raptorize" a Badlands or Wildtrack...that won't likely be possible in similar form via aftermarket mods over next couple of years? Drive your 2.7 for 2 years then tune the engine plus some aftermarket changes. I can't imagine the juice being worth the...
  15. Round 2 of hacked Bronco build & price configurator looks at all trims

    I get the usefulness and many will need the space, but the 4 door to me looks like a crew cab UTV. It works and serves good purposes....but proportionally a bit whack. Very weiner-dog's still a dog but its stretched out of proportion. Wrong Right Stretched
  16. Would you let your SO buy you the new Bronco?

    I've been hinting strongly about wanting a Jeep for probably 5 years and calling it a "convertible" so she would like it. She never accepted said notion. Watched Bronco release night videos together and she told me to order one for myself and to get the 2 door. Its my 50th bday this year. I...
  17. Poll: Pay extra for a white top?

    MIC gray/black and White should be no charge option. Painted top is a painted top...if you want body color or white same price.
  18. Build and Price for 2021 Bronco soon?

    What about this guy....he knows something he isn't telling...
  19. Build and Price for 2021 Bronco soon?

    Every time i hold my breath to wait for something meaningful on this thread I just end up passing out. Doing the same thing and expecting different results is.....