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  1. rtaylor

    Have we seen standard bash plates compared to HD bash plates?

    Note that there are multiple bash plates. The front is available with the modular front bumper on all models. The heavy-duty underbody bash plates for engine/trans/tcase/disco/etc (I would call them "skid plates") are only available on BL, BD, and $395 upgrade on WT. For IFS, the underbody plate...
  2. rtaylor

    Live Reveal: Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 392

    I am just disappointed that it is not in the 2-door. Unstable, yes. Fun? YES! They should also have called it 401 in deference to the Jeep V8.
  3. rtaylor

    Test Drove 2.3L Ranger & 2.7L in F150 and was disappointed... Options to improve off the line?

    If you want to get rid of the lag, install a tune or device that remaps the throttle pedal and eliminates the delay (the delay and slow takeoff is a "feature" to eliminate complaints, prevent tire spin, improve gas mileage, and minimize warranty issues). Note that the off-the-line delay has...
  4. rtaylor

    Water Fording

    Initial technical specs indicated 33.5 "with Sasquatch", but Wildtrak has intercooler shutters (refer to B&P). Ford previously disclosed that Badlands does not have the shutters (they are omitted in B&P, and Ford confirmed that this is correct). Also applies to "FE" Badlands. Ford declined to...
  5. rtaylor

    Water Fording

    This is only for Badlands w/squatch. No specs on any other trim, but they will be less due to active shutters (unless Ford chooses to omit active shutters with squatch pkg?). Also, capable does not necessarily mean that extensive maintenance is not required immediately afterward (yet to be seen).
  6. rtaylor

    No sport mode for the Badlands?

    I think they should have implemented Sport instead of Eco. However, Ford's sport mode for ecoboost trucks is mostly smoke and mirrors. It "feels" more powerful due to firm shifts and pedal response curve. On wide-open-throttle the shift points are raised 3-4mph (makes minimal difference)...
  7. rtaylor

    MIC same as Raptor?

    Raptor has gray fenders and bumpers (not sure if match for Bronco top). Circled bits are black:
  8. rtaylor

    Objectifying trim and option value

    I have been doing the same value analysis. No matter how much I want the answer to be badlands, it is always 2dr base squatch 2.7L with bumper and floormats.
  9. rtaylor

    $2205 unnecessary charge from Basesquatch 2D to 4D

    The 2d base was discounted to $29,995 so they could advertise "starting under $30K".
  10. rtaylor

    Why not Base Sasquatch help

    If you have auto, using two-footed technique (simultaneous brake & throttle) will compensate for loss of rock crawl feature (no dampened throttle response). Plus you will also have to activate 4L+lockers, turn off traction control, and set steering assist to maximum manually. More important...
  11. rtaylor

    Big Bend beats Black Diamond!

    The heavy-duty underbody plates are also unavailable on BB (standard on BD). You can only upgrade the front bash plate on BB.
  12. rtaylor

    As of today, I'm getting the Base

    I have been considering the same (BL or base). There is a lot of appeal to the base 2dr squatch since it is such a great value and will be fun to upgrade. These are the two things that bug me the most about the base, since they make it inferior to the Badlands/Rubicon offroad capability (until...
  13. rtaylor

    Is Locking Rear Differential something I want?

    Some goat modes will also enable the e-locker. Note that they are disabled automatically above ~20mph. At higher speeds, the traction control computer uses selective wheel braking to control wheel spin and such.
  14. rtaylor

    Why no synthetic rope version of the winch?

    You can buy Warn synthetic line for about $350. I think $2500 is too much. $1013 is the going price for the winch. Mounts maybe $350. Can probably buy the Ford mount eventually.
  15. rtaylor

    Can’t get items with 2.7L or Squatch package?

    For what it is worth, this is what Ford said on Dealer FAQ for B&P:
  16. rtaylor

    $5790 for Sasquatch on the Base!!

    Ford announced that earlier today (to dealers). Not clear if reservation will still apply if you place a new order a year from now. For those bumped to MY22, they have said that you must place a new order, but will keep place in line.
  17. rtaylor


    v2 pdf is now up. Download link: 2021-Bronco-Pricing-Guide-10232020-V9.pdf
  18. rtaylor

    Announcement: MIC Hardtop Option Only Initially. Black Painted Modular Hardtop Will Be Late Availability

    Good question, they could drop it as an option on the others (or not). B&P will tell. The other issue is what grill and mirrors they will put on them - probably carbonized like BL to match top instead of black paint? If I had known that I could get the MIC top on a FE, I would have reserved...
  19. rtaylor

    Call your shot: B&P surprises

    Unconfirmed rumor. Supposedly due to limited part availability (perhaps forged wheels or front axle). Again, just a rumor.