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  1. More Interior Options & Colors -- Ford CEO Farley is listening to Bronco6g members!

    Good well thought out post ....and reduces complexity to Ford (and believe me they look at complexity items/actions all the time).
  2. 2022 MY looking better and better

    So Ford clustered on the new Explorer launch last year -- lot of internal issues on that one -- now we have new CEO with mantra of "customer first". Hoping that he's getting the message from the vocal minority of B6G (who I believe are a good proxy for the Bronco world) and that they take all...
  3. John Bronco anyone? Funny as hell!
  4. Levine: White top not an option. We are listening (UPDATE)

    Guessing Ford underestimated the response to white top on the "show" vehicles and now they're in a pickle to get the customer what they want. Same applied to the Mansquatch. They are listening -- they are testing -- they are planning. Just need to figure out how to squeeze as much money out...
  5. Levine: White top not an option. We are listening (UPDATE)

    At Ford there are 2 super special colors reserved for special stuff -- #1 Wimbleton White and #2 Gulf Orange/Blue. When is last time saw WW on something for the general buying public. Last one I recall was a special edition Mustang a few years ago.
  6. Levine: White top not an option. We are listening (UPDATE)

    Well said about "reading between the lines"
  7. Levine: White top not an option. We are listening (UPDATE)

    Ford will have the finance team study the pricing and "what they can charge for" and determine if better to have as option across certain trims (i.e. a WHITE PACK or HERITAGE PACK -- thinking similar to BLACK package they offer on Ranger and Mustangs). Or have a Heritage trim that is unique...
  8. Levine: White top not an option. We are listening (UPDATE)

    100% agree Ford is listening. The whole new mantra is "Customer First" -- the new guy, Farley, is clear on customer focus and strong on marketing. Just be patient, the Great White Roof will be coming sometime soon. They would not be testing it out, if they were planning on NOT doing it...
  9. Would you feel bad if a bigger Bronco model was added later?

    Don't hold your breath on that....ain't gonna happen
  10. What would suprise you the most if it showed up on the B&P as an option?

    Honestly hate the lane-keeping assist -- it's annoying. I keep it turned off all the time when driving. Now if could just turn off the automatic stop and not have to hit a button every single time I get in the car to turn it off. I know why they do it (Fuel Economy) -- but honestly I don't...
  11. Completed Badlands 4-Door Bronco in Race Red

    I hate the grey roof -- will have to wait to get a white one (because I fully believe it's only a matter of time and patience).
  12. Message to FORD – From a Bronco Reservation Holder & Potential Customer

    Actually F-150 pays all the bills and makes all the money. F150 on it's own is bigger than many major big-time companies. Ford will sell every Bronco they can make for many years. Call it a good problem to have from a Ford perspective.
  13. Calling all members local to dealers with Antimatter F150s in stock - Maybe we could report back with photos/videos?

    Those "at dealer" searches are misleading -- I am 100% sure that it just means they have ordered. Experience same thing with a vehicle just before all the Covid shutdowns and found my vehicle was hung-up the the shipping yard. So patience is the key
  14. Would you drop your order if a December(2022) model had better colors?

    Love the idea -- keeping fingers crossed on those EB colors. Skyview Blue is awesome choice!
  15. Would you drop your order if a December(2022) model had better colors?

    I am 99% sure I am going to hold out from ordering my Bronco until I can get a color I really really want. With all the great mock-ups of colors and white roofs -- my mind is set. I fully believe Ford is listening/watching. Voice of customer is the real deal and the Bronco will continue to...
  16. 4 Door Bronco Colors 3D Model Visualized

    Love to see vintage light blue from 68-69 period with white roof / grille. You mock-ups Rock!
  17. The Dog Thread

    Cavaliers -- Great Dogs! Lucky you have 2 -- I'd love to have 2 (but wife says otherwise)
  18. 4 Door “Concept” Cactus Gray Close Up Shots (

    BUT with likely "late availability" from what I heard from the "rep"
  19. 4 Door “Concept” Cactus Gray Close Up Shots (

    Ford is listening...maybe late availability. Remember the CG and the 2-door Orange with door cutouts were the proposed auto show vehicles -- but with the online reveal and so many pictures they are generating a ton of buzz. Ford will evaluate how to offer and make money off of the them...