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  1. 2Jeeps&PatriotX1

    Tube Doors? Everyday use? After market?

    I have aftermarket tube doors on my 2dr wrangler. Depends on where you live as to whether you'll use them every day. In FL, I ran them only during the winter w/ heat cranked in the am and seat heaters on and never during the summers do to the heavy afternoon showers and how humid it was in the...
  2. 2Jeeps&PatriotX1

    Dealer told me low number of reservations...

    Your profile says CO Springs, I can't even recall the last time I drove past a dealership in any state that only had 27 vehicles in inventory lol.
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    Spotted: 4-Door Carbonized Gray Badlands on 33's

    No. I had 33s on my jeep for 45k miles and switched to 35s 20k miles ago. My ‘17 f150 has 35” MT (now w/ 41k miles on them) and rides great. Put 20k miles/yr on it and use it for all our road trips. I commute 54 miles roundtrip to/from work averaging 70-75mph. I feel my truck rides better on...
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    Badlands Vinyl vs Leather

    Wife wants power seats in her 4dr BL which means leather and carpet which Im ok with. Since no one has been able to pick apart the inside of the seats to see where Ford mounted various sensors, most likely I will be a guineau pig in disassembling the seats to see if I can install the katzkin...
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    Ford got me, again

    Unless the Bronco will be her daily driver and trail rig. My wife isn't going, nor would I ask her to, from a loaded suv to a Bronco without these creature comforts she's had on her last 2 vehicles and that my f150 has. My wife will be getting the 4dr BL w/ lux package. Only thing I'm pushing...
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    Granger Ford - to our current reservation holders

    Upper mgmt of a large dealership group that has non-Ford dealerships in 10+ states.
  7. 2Jeeps&PatriotX1

    Spotted: 4-Door Carbonized Gray Badlands on 33's

    As someone who has been there done that 33s or 35s dance before...I have 33”MT tires on my camper, 35” MT on both my truck and jeep and wife’s GC runs 32” AT tires. If you have any doubt that you may want 35s down the road or have envy seeing a Bronco in person with 35s, do yourself a favor and...
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    Power seats not an option?

    And thats what Im wanting. Power seats with the leather without the washout interior in my 4dr BL. Plain and simple. My jeep is 15yrs old and never once had the drain plugs pulled to wash out the interior. As a matter of fact, I covered up the drain holes 4yrs back when I laid sound deadening...
  9. 2Jeeps&PatriotX1

    Granger Ford - to our current reservation holders

    only thing thats alerted on my iphone is the texts and voicemails. I keep them there thinking that I'll find time to actually go through them and read and/or delete lol. The work emails are literally emails I havent got to yet that are in my inbox not even the junk or spam folder.
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    Granger Ford - to our current reservation holders

    Yeah but how many unread texts or voicemails do you have? I'm currently sitting at: 133 unread texts 280 new voicemails 2,123 unread work emails 15,549 unread gmail emails At this point I should just wipe my new phone clean and start over.
  11. 2Jeeps&PatriotX1

    Is the towing capacity really that bad?

    How high does your offroad trailer tongue sit? Mine with 33" tires only takes a 2.5" rise to sit level on my wife's grand cherokee and the Bronco should sit higher than her grand cherokee. My F150 on 35s takes a 1.5" drop.
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    Alternative to Ford compressor?

    Looks like it was post #81 that I spelled out my results from the tests.
  13. 2Jeeps&PatriotX1

    Alternative to Ford compressor?

    And for those interested, I posted a test I ran deflating and airing back up with my different setups in a different thread. These are my deflating tools. I mainly run the coyotes because I have them auto set to 18psi.
  14. 2Jeeps&PatriotX1

    Alternative to Ford compressor?

    I only run the 2 tire hose setup (Indeflate brand) because I run my fronts at different psi than rear in my truck and when I’m airing the camper tires back up, they too have different psi.
  15. 2Jeeps&PatriotX1

    Bronco Soft Top how-to video -- folding, removing and window removal

    Yep. When I reinstalled everything, I took every security measure possible for piece of mind. Takes me a bit longer to remove some of these times when I need to work on or service but its worth it at this point. Its been 7yrs since all that happened.
  16. 2Jeeps&PatriotX1

    Is anyone else as excited about the removable fenders as I am?

    Gotcha. Yeah everything is bolted to my inner fenders but the inner fenders cant remain in place if I remove the fender itself.
  17. 2Jeeps&PatriotX1

    Alternative to Ford compressor?

    Here are my setups (ARB twin, viair 400p & co2. If you dont frequently air up/down you cant go wrong with the viair 400p. If you do it more frquently, ARB twin or co2.
  18. 2Jeeps&PatriotX1

    Why go Sasquatch when Badlands 4.70 is Same ?

    Yep...I air down to 15-17psi on my jeep, truck, wife’s GC all with aftermarket wheels (no beadlocks) and zero problems. Heck on the truck (w/ 35” Mt) and GC (w/ 32” AT) theyre 20” wheels and still no issues wheeling on rocks.
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    News: Dual Tops Option Will Be Late Availability

    Im in this same boat. July 17th reservation (really don't want the MIC or soft top and considering ordering shadow black hardtop and having it painted white) and October reservation (with intent on getting a MY22 w/ painted white modular hardtop).