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  1. wavydave

    Dealer told me low number of reservations...

    Thread Iocked. (no it doesn't say locked, it says i-o-c-k-e-d with a capital i) :D
  2. wavydave

    Dumb Question

    Yes. You will toss and turn in your sleep for the next few months.
  3. wavydave

    Vivint and the Deprecation of Flash

    I just received the below message from Vivint Smart Home. Apparently, they cannot get around the impending Adobe Flash Player's deprecation at the end of 2020. They just give everyone the middle finger instead of adopting HTML5. Changes to your Vivint Online Account Center. Hello, Thank...
  4. wavydave

    still holding on to spring optimism 🤞🏾

    Unless he's referring to Australian Spring 2021 - September, October or November! G'day, mate!
  5. wavydave

    Upholstery advice from you topless folks

    Sorry, but Lincoln Continentals came with pillowed leather or velour.
  6. wavydave

    Found a Wildtrak in Area 51 (4 Door / Soft Top)

    I had just done the same, but I white balanced.
  7. wavydave

    Found a Wildtrak in Area 51 (4 Door / Soft Top)

    IDK, if you have a Vanson Leathers jacket... you don't pray for vinyl.
  8. wavydave

    What song will you be playing in first drive of your Bronco?

    Chumbawumba Tubthumper. All the way from Iowa to South Texas. How's that for an ear worm. I bet you'll be singing it all evening while watching the election results tonight. Also, these questions seem a little Chinese hacker-ish...
  9. wavydave

    Locking fuel door

    Agreed. Same for catalytic converters...
  10. wavydave

    Who will you allow to drive your new Bronco

    Yes. Beat me to it. Posts like these...
  11. wavydave

    Tow hitch onto Base model?

    Offered by Draw-Tite, Hidden Hitch, Curt, Reese... and can be installed from minutes to an afternoon. It all depending if any trim needs to be moved around.
  12. wavydave

    2021 Bronco Parts & Accessories Guide (Including Pricing & Part Numbers)

    What? No Black and Decker Dustbuster Bronco Limited Edition?
  13. wavydave

    Overlander Spotted in Laredo, Texas

    My vision wasn't so good because the sun was in my eyes. Which trim package is this?
  14. wavydave

    Outerbanks ground clearance ?

    Dr. Freud, telephone please. Dr. Blair. Dr. Blair. Dr. J. Hamilton Dr. J. Hamilton...
  15. wavydave

    Premium fuel!

    Yeah... I have seen all the sites showing where to find ethanol-free, but there is just none to be had in Laredo, Texas.