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  1. Hoofnmouth

    Saquatch fender flares/ Too big?

    Hell yeah there too big wait till aftermarket makes something better and chuck those elephant ears.
  2. Hoofnmouth

    Concerns about Tachometer on Manual

    I can drive anything you put under me without a tach, but i like them for a few reasons keeping revs under limit,once i figure out optimal shift speeds i like to try to stay close to that,keeping track of the condition of parts (clutch) theres a bunch more but i like to see the pointer go up and...
  3. Hoofnmouth

    CACTUS GRAY THREAD!!!! if you’re choosing cactus gray lemme know. I think it’s the best color available at the moment.

    I had me a 69 it was one of my faves ever ,sold it when i went to be a usaf birdman got a call from the new owner that i stole it !? Well it got stolen but not by me never found it ...till a few years back they found it in columbia in a drug lords collection oh boy i hope he enjoyed it as much...
  4. Hoofnmouth

    Bay Area Broncos

    Oh cool👍
  5. Hoofnmouth

    Instrumentation panel in different trims

    But no parallax error in glass cockpits.
  6. Hoofnmouth

    Instrumentation panel in different trims

    Everyon likes what they like,i love old school analog black face white pointers round dial stuff
  7. Hoofnmouth

    Getrag 7 speed manual built in China

    I dunno we here in the states like to think everything is quality in the usa and everything else is crap,well i get the rooting for the home team and all but i saw a guy in the phillipines hammer out a .45 cal pistol out of junk sheet steel ,and hand file parts to make an incredible gun.
  8. Hoofnmouth

    Bronco Hard Top How-to Video: Remove Roof Rack, Panels and Hardtop

    so i bend something out of stainless that fits in those slots in the frnt windshield frame that takes care of the front and the top pieces can still come off easy. For the rear i need either something that fits in those two slots (hopefully it like a rain gutter) or just bolt thru the top, thats...
  9. Hoofnmouth

    Bronco Hard Top How-to Video: Remove Roof Rack, Panels and Hardtop

    After watching this video im cancelling my roof rack i can just bolt the rack thru the roof an not have to monkey with the front caps . Thanks for posting and saving me more $
  10. Hoofnmouth

    Second Thoughts on Manual Transmission

    There are also a few boo boos that can happen with a manual ,letting clutch out before engin is stopped while parking it can jump and hit wall ,car ,post whatever. Parking on a slope no ebrake in gear sometimes compression bleeds and car can move,missing a gear when up shifting is like nails on...
  11. Hoofnmouth

    Getrag 7 speed manual built in China

    There was a story in our family ,dad was a new lt , commanding officer told him take this jeep and go to wherever and get this or that . Well he didnt know how to drive stick bucking like a donkey he took off ,by the time he got back he was an expert lol. I myself have had some issues teaching...
  12. Hoofnmouth

    We All Have Something to be Thankful for - Ford Bronco

    This is the day to feflect how lucky we all are health, happiness,and good cheer to all you lunitics because it could always be worse ! America isnt perfect nothing is, but its the best piece of this spinning rock 👍
  13. Hoofnmouth

    So about this Utah Monolith...

    They dropped a scientist there by helicopter on the bottom right side was a strang inscription
  14. Hoofnmouth

    Getrag 7 speed manual built in China

    Its no myth ive taken plenty of transmissions apart those forks are wear items as are the shoes ,leave it alone till you shift
  15. Hoofnmouth

    Just got the call to schedule my build date

    Dealer called me last sun night ,im pretty sure what im getting so im going to email mine in and be done.
  16. Hoofnmouth

    Black Diamond Bronco (Shadow Black) Side Shot and Interior

    Great mother of god ! they really are making them ,thanks for the pics i think the 4 dr looks as squatty and silly as the jeep 4 dr ,squatch that thing.
  17. Hoofnmouth

    The color we should have gotten

    Yup nothing says appliance like oxford white
  18. Hoofnmouth

    The color we should have gotten

    Lol im partial to flat black