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  1. Kickit

    I’m out for the Bronco...

    So sorry to hear about the furlough, but excellent choice going back to school! Try and enjoy it, I’ve always found learning to be so incredibly fun. I’d be a professional student if I could!! But honestly, you sound like a smart guy so you’ve got good things coming your way!
  2. Kickit

    My dealer just called to chew me out.

    That sounds like a phone call that would have ignited my inner Karen......
  3. Kickit

    Well, that does it... I'm leaving the FB group.

    Ya know, the fact that everyone on here thinks that would be a really grody thing to do to their new Bronco makes me really glad I joined this forum 😀
  4. Kickit

    Electric HUMMER EV vs. Bronco

    Ew no. This looks like something that the terminator would drive across Mars right before he rips out your spine or something. Hard pass from me.
  5. Kickit

    Filson Bronco Teasers (UPDATED With Full Vehicle Preview!)

    Dear god if this concept was a vehicle I could actually afford and buy.......I’m over here debating how much I’ll get for a kidney or part of my liver
  6. Kickit

    Xplan is not cancelled at Kearny Mesa Ford

    You sir, are a scholar and a gentleman. My dealer up here hasn’t been as communicative as you, I think I’ll be calling to make the switch tomorrow. It’s a bit of a drive from Sacramento but the honesty and transparency is worth it in my book!
  7. Kickit

    News: Second Bronco dealer switch will now be allowed

    Oooook Ford. I’m not sure what kind of dyslexic carrier pigeon you keep sending out to give us information but perhaps you could just send a little email to clarify some $#!t for us??! Mmmmk? Thanks
  8. Kickit

    The Dog Thread

    Oh thank goodness the dogs are back. It’s calming my frayed nerves 🥴
  9. Kickit

    2021 Bronco NOT Eligible For X-Plan (Official Document Confirmation) [Update: Confirmed by Ford]

    Maybe Ford is just trying to piss everyone off so that when the build and price comes out and we see how affordable everything really is we won’t be mad anymore??? Maybe??? Please?? Like lower our standards and then throw us a bone?
  10. Kickit

    Let Me See you Topless..!!!

    Wait, this thread is ok but somehow the one where I talked about how long it takes men to poop got booted? Figures 🙄
  11. Kickit

    Build and Price Launching Tonight at 12:01

    So yeah, that’s a big let down. But I blame myself....
  12. Kickit

    Build and Price Launching Tonight at 12:01

    Are we all seriously staying up for build and price only to be even more full of rage when it’s actually up but the site crashes? Yes, the answer is a solid yes. But like, try to keep your head from exploding when this happens mmmmmk?
  13. Kickit

    Build and Price Launching Tonight at 12:01

    Holy cats!!!!! Is this really happening tonight??
  14. Kickit

    Bronco Build & Price date

    I’m just here to watch the panic slowly unfold as each day goes by.....and I’ll be honest the anticipation about B&P has got me anxious too
  15. Kickit

    New Hyundai Body-On-Frame SUV

    There are currently at least five pieces of plastic parts that have come of various pieces of my car (a Hyundai Santa Fe), so suffice it to say the release of their new vehicle does not thrill me 😒
  16. Kickit

    Bronco6G (Not So Much) Therapy Thread

    There were definitely worse analogies I could have used but I didn’t want to gross anyone out more than necessary 😬