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  1. Brand Manager says no white tops MY21 - what are planning to do if you had a color that was picked for a white top combo? Probably impacts AMB camp

    What do you think a MIC top is? Molded in Color, ie Unpainted. Pop down to your local body shop and ask them how much to spray a removeable hardtop white.
  2. Anyone taught their wife to drive a Manual Trans?

    I don't understand, when I met my future wife, she was driving a stick shift Toyota corolla, IN downtown San Francisco! She had me from the start.
  3. Why does hard top come with the 2 door but not the 4 door?

    You can start your day with the top up, drop it down during the day for open air wheelin'. Then pop it back up if it rains or it gets cold in the evening.
  4. Bronco Build & Price date

    Tomorrow is Mexican Independence Day AAAAAAND my Birthday. This confluence MUST signify the release of the B&P. So it is written, so it shall be.
  5. Manual or the 2.7

    AMEN BROTHER! Preach it!!
  6. Why is the Sasquatch $2500 for Badlands?

    Those are not the prices, they are straw dogs to see how many people bite on each option at that price. The only correct response to the survey is NO I will not buy that option at that price. They aren't taking the Sasquatch package away if you said no, just maybe they price it lower.
  7. What age spectrum do we have here reserving these sweet Broncos ?

    I qualify for social security in 3 weeks. Kids are out of the house and I need a toy to tow behind the sprinter RV. The toad must be able to go places the RV can't and weigh less than 5000 pounds. A 2 door Bronco fits the bill perfectly. It helps that I am a lifetime Ford fan, from my first...
  8. Potential Package (+ Sasquatch) Pricing Previewed in Bronco Reservation Survey Email

    I hope everyone who answered the survey said no I won't pick that option at that price. They aren't going to take the option away, they are trying to figure out how high they can price it. Hope y'all said HELL NO!
  9. Manual or the 2.7

    I vote for the third pedal. First because I know how to use one, and I enjoy using one. Second, I am a cheap SOB and paying a couple grand for a tranny just doesn't do it for me.
  10. What would be a realistic towing capacity?

    My take, the number is not Preliminary, its is the last and final number for the 2021 Bronco. Ford doesn't publish temporary numbers. Especially a safety related number. What is limiting the tow rating? My guess is a combination of suspension height, spring rates and wheelbase. Plus an innate...
  11. Flat Tow New Bronco (Yes, Confirmed)

    I want a vehicle to tow behind my RV. One that goes places the RV can't. That means Bronco. My RV only has a 5k pound towing capacity. A loaded up Bronco will get close to that. No overhead for the trailer weight. That is one reason. Second reason, lots of campgrounds allow you two "vehicles"...
  12. What would be a realistic towing capacity?

    Towing is about stability, Long wheel base good, short rear overhang good. Low ground clearance with stiff suspension good. So a 4 door bronco, leave the squatch package off the order if you plan to tow at the upper limits of the capacity. You DO NOT want the tail to wag the dog. You will...
  13. Bronco Trail Turn Assist Demonstrated

    Computer controlled cutting brakes. I like it. Almost enough to get me to pass on the stick shift.