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  1. Let's do the MPG math

    Finally somebody gets it. Plus if it's like any other ecoboost engine they'll pull timing to account for the "regular" gas the cheapskate will use.
  2. Second thoughts on MGV

    Sounds like a good move for you. I'm all for anybody moving away from Badlands. I fear parts shortages this spring for Badlands builds with the MOD top fiasco.
  3. What's Up With The Hard Top Sound Deadening Headliner Option?

    If you order the MIC it deletes the soft top. The MIC will be installed at the factory as well as any sound deadening you order.
  4. What's Up With The Hard Top Sound Deadening Headliner Option?

    Are you talking about ordering the MIC after you take delivery? Because if you order the optional MIC top at purchase as well as the headliner it will all be put on at the factory and delivered as such.
  5. Worked my way down to 7 builds. Have you settled on one yet?

    Down to two. Badlands 2.7 w/tow and High Package Base 2.7 Squatched w/ Aux switches. Both 2 dr. Oxford White, or Velocity Blue if base. Add A51 and Race Red to the mix if Badlands. Heavily leaning towards Badlands.
  6. Will we be able to watch our Broncos being built at Michigan assembly plant?

    Sure you will. Sell your soul to work for a union and get a job at the MAP.
  7. Bronco R in action, BAJA 1000

    I stand corrected. Yet another reason the cost of Fords program is a non-question. Easy to say you spent less when you pluck an already built race truck off the line and drop a crate engine in it. Also, let's not forget the most important part of any race machine. The loose nut behind the...
  8. Would you?

    My job is Covid and recession proof. I will have my Bronco. Is it wrong of me to wish for a recession? Really need to lose some dead weight at work.
  9. Come on Ford: Why I am Changing from Badlands to Black Diamond

    Between Sync and Android Auto there is definitely some sort of night mode on my FiST.
  10. Bronco R in action, BAJA 1000

    There really isn't such a thing as a "road legal motor" though. What does that even mean? Any motor put into a tagged vehicle is now "road legal." Nobody is trying to say that you haven't or aren't going to beat Ford. In fact I support, and applaud, the "little guy" sticking it to the man...
  11. Bronco R in action, BAJA 1000

    This is correct. SCG is taking a $250,000, bespoke, road vehicle and spending a few grand to make it a race truck. Ford is taking the drive train out of a $40,000 MASS PRODUCED vehicle and spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to build a race machine around it. Apples to Oranges. But...
  12. technical question, is MIC black more difficult

    This. People need to get over this. It is what it is. No amount of mental gymnastics will change it.
  13. What stickers are you planning on? [NO POLITICS]

    Um, this deserves more than a sticker. You need to find a local airbrush artist to paint this on the tailgate and get it cleared over. If you are near Tennessee I'd bet my step mother would do it for free if she's still painting. She did a killer "better idea" light bulb with a mouse eating a...
  14. Big Bend 'optional' Signature Lights - (LED Tail Lights?) - FORD, We need clarification!

    Dude, I know (or think I know) way too much about this imaginary vehicle that I'm waiting for. Many of us are in the same boat. And what bits we as individuals are missing get filled in by our friends here. I think my wife is right. It's becoming an obsession.
  15. Bronco R in action, BAJA 1000

    Yep, rally cars are another good example. While they're not as wild of builds as other examples they are purpose built race cars registered and tagged. They have to transit road sections between special stages. Also thanks for tagging the original asker of the question. Didn't realize you...
  16. Bronco R in action, BAJA 1000

    What makes it non street legal is that fact that it's not registered and tagged, pure and simple. That is the only difference. Slap a tag on the BroncoR and drive it to get groceries. The problem is how do you tag a one off purpose built vehicle with no VIN? Kitcar? I don't know. This is...
  17. Secret surprise Bronco coming from Ford?

    I refuse to endorse Warthog as a name for the BRaptor. It makes no sense. As such I will never call that thing a SportHog. And Levine is a scheister.
  18. What’s your dealbreaker for new Ford Bronco?

    This is my biggest concern.
  19. Big Bend 'optional' Signature Lights - (LED Tail Lights?) - FORD, We need clarification!

    Not correct at all. All headlights are LED. Taillights are either incandescent or LED Again. B.L.I.S.S. sensors are NOT in the taillights in the Bronco. You're assumption is illogical.