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  1. Brokennose

    Anyone had second thoughts on getting Sasquatch package?

    I don’t see the need on the Badlands. The other lower trim levels I think need it though.
  2. Brokennose

    Second Thoughts on Manual Transmission

    That trail turn is the coolest button on the dash for sure. Ticks me off I can't get it with the manual. Still getting the 7speed MT.
  3. Brokennose

    Auto-darkening Review Mirror

    Thats a cool feature for sure.
  4. Brokennose

    Why Base is best

    Same boat. I've tried to convince myself that base with Squatch is where I need to be. End of the day there is to much tech already built in to convince myself that the spartan approach is worth while. If they offered roll up windows, no dash screen, and bare bones only essential wiring I may be...
  5. Brokennose

    Why go Sasquatch when Badlands 4.70 is Same ?

    Everything that is not Badlands or above needs the Sasquatch.
  6. Brokennose

    Video look at carbonized gray on other Ford vehicles

    Another auction man. Good stuff. I've been waiting on Antimatter Blue to come through as well.
  7. Brokennose

    35's vs 33's any big differences?

    Still cracks me up they used AM wheels in a video meant to showcase their accessories.
  8. Brokennose

    So When Can I Place My Order???!!

    Off the top of my head I think it's one or two paint colors, sasquatch+Manual Trans, and painted roofs. I'm sure I'm missing something.
  9. Brokennose

    Ohio Bronco Club

    I posted this up on another thread in the Ohio club. On the topic of Ricart. My story is as follows. I picked up 2004 Mazda 6 with 120k on the odom. Did all of the basic maintenance myself. Car never leaked a drop of anything. One day I noticed a small, maybe 1ft puddle of coolant in the...
  10. Brokennose

    Ohio Bronco Club

    I despise Ricart Ford. This will test me...
  11. Brokennose

    Tremec TKX transmission - new at sema

    Is there a link to this article you can share?
  12. Brokennose

    Aftermarket LED turn signal sideview mirrors?

    I'm sure they will in time. Worst case scenario is wiring them up which wouldn't be difficult at all.
  13. Brokennose

    Antimatter blue 2dr/ black diamond or big bend? Color thoughts only.

    I feel dirty everytime I question AntiMatter.
  14. Brokennose

    How come I can’t order standard and get the mid package?

    Are we sure this isn't just another bug with the B&P tool?
  15. Brokennose

    Locking fuel door

    This is what I'm looking for. Will be investing in something of this type for certain.
  16. Brokennose


    I just priced out some Rangers at work. 2018 xlt, and a 2019 fx4. 3k, 4k mileage range and both were selling just over $30k. Built a couple Rangers on the website similarly optioned looked to be $42ish range.
  17. Brokennose

    Locking fuel door

    Just saw that the fuel door just pops open for free access to the filler neck that lacks a cap. Would really, really like to see some element of security added here. Maybe I'm just paranoid though.