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  1. Build & Price update coming next year says Ford

    I did the right thing a this point and time. A year from now I can come back in and get the Brono I really want. I am just throwing a yellow flag on myself for delay of game. On the other hand, the Blue Oval gets a straight Red Card. In the interim, everyone gets to move up a slot. Your welcome.
  2. Build & Price update coming next year says Ford

    I have been going back and forth on ordering in December. The Blue Oval has made the decision for me. I will send in my request to refund my reservation (4 Dorr Wildtrak). Ford had such a golden opportunity to crush market and Jeep and absolutely fucked it up. If you don't believe me look at...
  3. Pics: Bronco Slide-Out Tailgate and Sunrider Top

    The Blue Oval is screwing the pooch so to speak. FUBAR
  4. Carbonized Gray Paint Thread

    CG looks like Beskar Armour
  5. Leap of Faith?

    I have a reservation which specifies a 4 door Wildtrak. I am having a few doubts because of the lack of communication from Ford or my dealer. There are a few pictures but not near enough to detail both the exterior and interior of any particular model, color, Std Equip, Optional Equip. Most...
  6. My dealer just called to chew me out.

    Find out who owns the dealership. Go to Ford Corp website, get full name of the following C_suite officers: CEO, President, Director of Sales, General Counsel, CFO. Write one letter to Ownership of dealership with complete details of call and all of you Reservation information with the list of...
  7. Updated Color Poll - What color are you ready to order?

    I was originally going with A51 for my Wildtrak. The MIC has forced me to go Carbon Grey because of the color of the MIC.
  8. Pics of Marine Grade Vinyl Seats vs Leather Seats in 2021 Bronco - comparison

    Wish I could get MGV in Wildtrak!! Are you listening Blue Oval??
  9. 2021 Bronco BUILD & PRICE Configurator Is Finally Live (For Real)!! Share your build inside.

    I was a A51 guy, until the whole MIC, now the Carbon Grey is the best option.
  10. lack of accessories

    license plate frames do not count as a accessory people! Therefore the correct answer in ZERO!
  11. 2021 Bronco BUILD & PRICE Configurator Is Finally Live (For Real)!! Share your build inside.

    Wildtrak Side Steps Lux Will go after market for metal bumper, bash plate, brush guard, winch, driving lights, tow hitch.
  12. More Interior Options & Colors -- Ford CEO Farley is listening to Bronco6g members!

    The Blue Oval Bronco interior decorating team should be terminated given the number of dissatisfied potential customers. I say potential because no hard orders have been placed.
  13. $850 Mod Bumper + Bash vs Aftermarket thoughts?

    4 Wheel Parts: