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  1. Appalachia_Ewok

    Cyber Orange Badlands with White Top (Render)

    Unfortunate side affect of everyone thinking you're a UT Vols fan.
  2. Appalachia_Ewok

    Signature vs standard lights ?

    Where these $1.00 incandescents at? it was like $50+ per bulb to get replacement incandescent bulbs in my car that were brighter than stock (to offset the clouding) but still not even as bright as LEDs.
  3. Appalachia_Ewok

    Antimatter Blue Bronco 2-Door Outer Banks Pics

    MIC top doesn't look bad with this color.
  4. Appalachia_Ewok

    Configuration: Aux Switches and Accessory Rail

    Oil slick, Rockets, Machine gun, Smokescreen... You know the essentials. Maybe a rear facing spotlight for when people are tailgating me or riding with their brights on...
  5. Appalachia_Ewok

    Black Diamond Wheels look so good...

    I love the steelies look. Gonna get a BD and put 33s on it after the original set wears out. I actually hate the wheels that come with the sasquatch package... Give me the simple, utilitarian look. Also I think it's hilarious that on the Bronco Sport you have to get the highest trim level and...
  6. Appalachia_Ewok

    Ford to Reveal Custom Bronco Badlands Sasquatch 2-Door Concept @ ‘Ford Auto Nights’ SEMA Show Special Webcast

    Great, another Bronco shown off that isn't indicative of anything you can actually purchase... woo... Those fenders are sick though. Sign me up.
  7. Appalachia_Ewok

    Badlands Instrument Panel at Night - Pics

    I don't see it as dated, I see it as classic. Definitely has that skinny, kind of plain look like from an older jeep rather than the Bronco which looks more akin to the beefier 80s trucks to me.
  8. Appalachia_Ewok

    Badlands Instrument Panel at Night - Pics

    I gotta say between the two I think the JL's interior is much better looking, especially in the gauge cluster area. Much more sleek and classic looking. Bronco's is very obtuse and weird shaped. Jeep has digital where that's an improvement but analog where it's not. Also why TF does ford put so...
  9. Appalachia_Ewok

    Race Red Black Diamond 4 Door Soft Top on Black Steel Wheels

    :love: the steelies. Once the stock tires wear out I'll bump up to 33s but I don't think they look near as bad as everyone is saying. I think it's just that Ford is shoving 35s and the Squatch package down our throats on every build they showcase now anything else looks weird.
  10. Appalachia_Ewok

    Camping in a Bronco 4 Door + Measurements for Rear Sleeping Area

    Tucked up against the left side rear window and the wheel well.
  11. Appalachia_Ewok

    Camping in a Bronco 4 Door + Measurements for Rear Sleeping Area

    Jeep Cherokee did it just fine. the bottom swings forward to allow the back to lay flat.
  12. Appalachia_Ewok

    New KMC Wheels dropped today! Roswells

    I like the look of these new wheels but yeah not paying that much for that look. But then again, I'm getting a Black Diamond cause I love the steelie look. I definitely hate 90% of aftermarket wheels though so it's nice to see a different option. Most aftermarkets are all trying to look way too...
  13. Appalachia_Ewok

    Granger Ford - Questions on Bronco ordering and other FAQ's

    Idk, I kind of get it. There are people here who want a Bronco because it's a Bronco, but there also a lot of people here because they feel the Bronco would be the best fit for them. As a lot of these small annoyances come out eventually it will hit the tipping point for someone. Ugly top, no...
  14. Appalachia_Ewok

    Bronco pickup? Gladiator shows what will happen...

    I would love to have a Bronco truck, but it won't happen because it would cannibalize sales from the ranger. I think the Gladiator was a great idea and exactly what a lot of people (like me) were looking for. However the execution was poor and the price far too high. It's a shame because I bet...
  15. Appalachia_Ewok

    Imogene Pass - Telluride to Ouray - Put this one on your list!

    Definitely a dream of mine. Been trying to get a capable vehicle to get out there. Not just capable on the trail, I have access to a decent XJ, but gotta make the 25+ hour drive too. Not sure if I can handle topping out at 65 the whole way and getting 10mpg, assuming nothing breaks on the 25...
  16. Appalachia_Ewok

    How are you guys going to make your Bronco yours and unique?

    I think down the road I'd like to do a white hood like the Filson concept. Maybe some similar striping down the side.
  17. Appalachia_Ewok

    Removable roofs and possibility of leaks?

    I'm more concerned about the soft top leaking with frameless doors... Especially since they have barely even shown us the soft top.
  18. Appalachia_Ewok

    Updated Color Poll - What color are you ready to order?

    I wish Velocity Blue wasn't metallic and was more like Toyota's Voodoo Blue, then I'd definitely go with that. I like Area 51 the best but I also don't want to have the same color most everyone else does... Maybe I'm a hipster... Maybe I'll go with Cactus Gray.
  19. Appalachia_Ewok

    Carbonized Gray 2-Door Badlands

    I'd really like to see these wheels without the outer ring which, to my understanding, is removeable. I like the spokes but don't like that fat off colored ring around it.
  20. Appalachia_Ewok

    Garage Door on Aux Switches?

    Lay on the horn until the wife opens it for you (y)