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  1. KDAber64

    Ford to Reveal Custom Bronco Badlands Sasquatch 2-Door Concept @ ‘Ford Auto Nights’ SEMA Show Special Webcast

    The Ford Bronco Badlands Sasquatch 2-Door Concept reveals Bronco’s modularity. This concept is built around one of the Bronco program’s customer-use scenarios, in which a comfortable Monday through Friday Bronco is converted for a weekend of extreme off-roading, and then back to stock Badlands...
  2. KDAber64

    Bronco to Appear at International Off-Road & UTV Expo in Arizona on December 4-6

    A friend from work caught this same truck load crossing Northern AZ on I40 this past Weekend headed west toward LA. He was on his way to the Grand Canyon.
  3. KDAber64

    Who else has America's Sports Car?

    My '69 Coupe 327/350hp - she's a work in progress
  4. KDAber64

    Arizona Only: Color Poll

    Cyber Orange Badlands
  5. KDAber64

    Whats your lifestyle, and how do you see the Bronco fitting into it?

    I'm single, 56 and live on some property in Southern Arizona, in the high grasslands. I will be using the Bronco for trail driving, camping and hunting/fishing excursions all over AZ and the surrounding states. Currently have an old TJ (2000) and a 2014 F150 will continue as my daily. Looking...
  6. KDAber64

    Watcha Doing for the Next Hour? (B&P t-60 min)

    Oh crap.... the end of Fords internet is about to happen.....
  7. KDAber64

    The Last Person to Post in this Thread Wins

    did someone say....
  8. KDAber64

    Watcha Doing for the Next Hour? (B&P t-60 min)

    that actually sounds good.... I live in AZ...what's Maple again? lol
  9. KDAber64

    INTERIOR COLORS & MATERIALS Walkthrough Video Posted

    Thanks...I don't agree with the combinations the experts think we would like, but still. It's B&P and its nice, late but nice! Now we know
  10. KDAber64

    Best color for hiding "desert pinstriping"

    It's a tat dude lol... I have BW tats too!
  11. KDAber64

    2022 MY looking better and better

    I used to work for GM... I bet from March to the end of the year (2021) it's more like 40-60k max. I could be wrong, it's been years, but no way they could do more than 80k on a new product.
  12. KDAber64

    Best color for hiding "desert pinstriping"

    I would be all over the "Cactus Gray" if it had that green tint to it....You live in AZ, how many cacti have you seen chalk gray? I WANT to love the first CGI's of cactus gray.
  13. KDAber64

    Where are you from? What are you going to do with your Bronco?

    Grasslands of Southern AZ (Sonoita/Elgin) - It will be my weekend toy that explores as much of the off-road American West/Southwest as time and money will allow!