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  1. Tommy1135

    Black Diamond vs Badlands

    If anything, that makes the BD more appealing since getting it sasquatched is still cheaper.
  2. Tommy1135

    Black Diamond 4-Door Bronco in Area 51 + Soft Top Spotted in Allen Park

    As a guy who’s 5’7, I think I’m out on the Sasquatch lol. Don’t even think I can refill the wiper fluid without needing a ladder lmao.
  3. Tommy1135

    Photos: Bronco Sport in Area 51 In San Antonio

    How in the world does the sport get a nicer interior than the actual Bronco? Crazy.
  4. Tommy1135

    Base Squatch vs Black Squatch

    Didn’t realize how incredible of a deal the base is until I actually built one in the tool. It really is the best bang for your buck. But, I gotta have the mid package at least. And the BD is probably the next best deal once you add Sasquatch. But still a lot more than the base.
  5. Tommy1135

    Antimatter Blue vs Velocity Blue vs Lightning Blue on Ford trucks

    Gonna keep saying it. Velocity Blue on a Black Diamond is gonna be an incredible combo. Black and blue go so well together. The grille, wheels, door handles, even the gray top is gonna look so nice. And a blue, gray, and black interior. It’s perfect.
  6. Tommy1135

    Black Diamond Bronco (Shadow Black) Side Shot and Interior

    I agree. When I look at the Bronco, it has the opposite effect on how I view the Jeep. 2dr Bronco looks better than a 4dr, but I think the 4dr Jeep looks nicer than their 2dr.
  7. Tommy1135

    Black Diamond, WilkTrak & Bronco Sport...Oh my!! 😃👍🏼

    I don’t know, looks like maybe only the Badlands gets it. The B&P shows the orange accents on the nets on the badlands, but not the blue accents on the BD. Real life pictures reflect that as well. Oh well.
  8. Tommy1135

    Black Diamond Bronco (Shadow Black) Side Shot and Interior

    Maybe BD can meet in the middle and take 275s
  9. Tommy1135

    Black Diamond, WilkTrak & Bronco Sport...Oh my!! 😃👍🏼

    Looks like the blue accents aren’t on the door nets like the Badlands. Unless that’s just a 2 door thing?
  10. Tommy1135

    Black Diamond Bronco (Shadow Black) Side Shot and Interior

    I’m on the non-Sasquatch kick again... Really wanna see these wheels on a 2 dr. They just look a tiny bit too small on the 4 dr.
  11. Tommy1135

    Best 45k build

    2dr BD with Sasquatch, mid, 2.7, and a few other things comes out to 47-48. If the most you’re going is mid package, I think it’s a no brainer to get BD with Sasquatch and mid. Still comes out less than a BL without squatch with the same exact packages.
  12. Tommy1135

    Black Diamond Bronco (Shadow Black) Side Shot and Interior

    Nice! Bronco center caps, heated seats (didn’t trust bronco nation when they confirmed heated seats on MGV), and rock rails!
  13. Tommy1135

    Velocity Blue cool now but not so much when Warthog comes in Performance Blue?

    I think it’s gonna look real nice with the gray mic top.
  14. Tommy1135

    New Photos: Area 51 Badlands in the Snow!

    Man the 2 dr dimensions are perfect. So happy they made it longer than the Jeep.
  15. Tommy1135

    Badlands Sasquatch wheel dimensions, offsets, etc?

    Guy speaking in haikus.
  16. Tommy1135

    Black Diamond Non-Sasquatch pics thread

    It’s gotta have it. The build and price don’t show the center caps for both the base and BD, but real life pictures of the base have them. No way they leave the BD out like that. Or would they....
  17. Tommy1135

    Followed 2 Broncos and got to see Marine Grade Vinyl (MGV) Interior

    This is honestly hilarious. You literally stalked the guys for 20 miles and threatened to see the interior or you won’t leave lmao. I love it.
  18. Tommy1135

    Build & Price update coming next year says Ford

    No, mines the same. Bd Sasquatch is a bit less than a BL non squatch with everything else the same. I’ve had my build open for the past week and it’s still same at about 48k.
  19. Tommy1135

    Re-Watch the Online Presentation of the Bronco Badlands Sasquatch 2-Door SEMA Concept

    This is the one time the MIC top looked really horrible. Definitely looked faded though.
  20. Tommy1135

    NJ/NY/Delaware/Eastern Pa./MD/Ct Volume Buyers?

    Yea that was my thought process for BD and the higher trims. I just prefer mid package and the vinyl over cloth. But for the higher trims I’ll be getting the same options at a higher price. And then paying extra for the packages. Doesn’t make sense for me.