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  1. FJ Cruiser Owner: Will Bronco be similar quality?

    I had an FJ And didn’t like it. Probably had it less than 18 months. No major mechanical issues it just didn’t work or fit me. As far as reliability I still have a 2007 F150 with 280k+ almost all towing and zero issues. Changed the battery a bunch , fluids minus eng oil (every 5k) every 100k...
  2. Bronco Hard Top How-to Video: Remove Roof Rack, Panels and Hardtop

    But in all honesty with out being negative how hard would it be to make all of the bolts, torx, hex, or triangle fasteners the same.
  3. Bronco Hard Top How-to Video: Remove Roof Rack, Panels and Hardtop

    But you said: And I’m buying 2 (well one for a DD/ wife Bronco and one for strictly for mods and play)and I wasn’t being negative I was just stating that I wasn’t excited about another BN production. And then your buddy who also has an issue with negative comments goes ahead and fires off two...
  4. Bronco Hard Top How-to Video: Remove Roof Rack, Panels and Hardtop

    Ok fellers absolutely not a hater. I’m actually buying two and I’ve owned 5, 7 if you count Bronco II’s. Plus 2 IH scouts and 4 Jeeps. And I take the top off the Jeep by my self. I completely apologize if my lack of faith (Completely based on experience) in BN and their production capacity...
  5. Bronco Hard Top How-to Video: Remove Roof Rack, Panels and Hardtop

    Um yeah... maybe not boring so much as uneventful and a highly probable let down. Let’s be honest it’s 2 dudes. No mud, no jello just 2 dudes taking the top off a Bronco. Not even firefighter magic mike calendar type dudes. just 2 dudes and a couple tools in what is likely to be out of focus...
  6. Fuel range concerns with 2 door Sasquatch

    I agree that there are plenty of gas stations just not always in the right place. The problem comes with me to get from the closest gas station to where I park to get to my hunting spot is 98 miles so almost 200 round trip. Which is fine unless your plan includes coming or going on a Sunday when...
  7. Badlands Options

    I guess you didn’t catch it in the question from the OP. The problems come with adding the stuff on a 4dr with Sasquatch. 2 doors don’t have an issue. Edit: I meant adding the 2.7 not Sasquatch but for now it’s pretty much the same on B&P.
  8. Badlands Options

    Not a 4 door and not a badlands.
  9. Anyone thinking of Spare Tire Delete??

    if that’s your cup of tea have at it. I don’t have that luxury. AAA is great but I live about 15 miles from town and have probably used my spare (to include wife and kids cars) about 10 times in the last 3 years. Plus I can change my own or go to where the wife and kids are stranded faster than...
  10. What new Ford vehicles come in lightning blue?

    Ecosport was the only one I could find when I went looking.
  11. Alternative to Ford compressor?

    Second the ARB double. If I was going more budget conscious probably a superflow. I’ve never used the newer 90 but I’ve had a 50 hooked up to an on board air system for several years not the fasted but hasn’t let me down with the onboard air or just filling the tire as a stand alone.
  12. Roof

    How come when I select roof off on B&P it doesn’t reflect the discount for the roof? Since I got to pay for it anyways should I just get it and make a tree hut or something out of it? /s
  13. Is the towing capacity really that bad?

    The tire and loading placards are vehicle specific go look at two f150s everything the same but the engine the number on the sticker will change. The GVWR is on the white sticker in the upper right hand corner if I remember correctly. I seriously doubt they weigh each and every vehicle but it’s...
  14. Will the 4.7 final drive ratio kill MPG and TOP end speed for use as practical daily driver?

    There is one other thing I didn’t mention and someone will probably bring it up just to say I told you so. A larger wheel does have a lower revolution per mile that would result in a lower engine RPM. So there is a possibility that if you did 98% cruising on the highway on flat ground and did...
  15. Will the 4.7 final drive ratio kill MPG and TOP end speed for use as practical daily driver?

    No you pretty much got it. It’s going to depend on the driving conditions and speeds more than any thing else. Lower gears (higher number) are always going to result in a loss of MPG at a constant rpm. Now go with completely city driving stop and go all the time and there could be an increase...
  16. Sales tax calculated where?

    Yeah I get it 100%, completely agree with you. I have never went full term on any loan. I don’t think you understand exactly what I was getting after. I was never talking about paying extra the point I was trying to make was simply the fact that if you only have a limited amount of cash on...
  17. LAST CALL: Badlands 33” vs. 35” (Pros & Cons) Worth the upgrade to 35” tires?

    Thank you so much! I thought and hoped they were At first but was really starting to get worried because just about everything from Ford only mentions capable the Sasquatch rims. Thanks again!
  18. Can MIC and Modular Roof panels be removed if you have a roof rack?

    I have been trying to figure it out too. One of the walk around videos said you could remove the front ones but they didn’t demonstrate it. I think it might be a little tight but i think you can. If not I’m certain there will be some sort of aftermarket spacer.
  19. Sales tax calculated where?

    Unless you have an unlimited amount (or at least more than the whole price of everything) to put towards the down payment and taxes you finance the same amount.